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I want my Mum to take advantage of me

29th July 2015 - 13:53 | London UK, E3 | Age 35

My Mum called me into her room and said I was a nasty filthy boy, which I denied, so she told me to prove it by dropping my trousers and pants for her to show that I'm clean.

I am clean and closely trimmed, but my Mum wants a proper examination, she takes my cock in her manicured hands, gently rakes her scarlet nails up from my balls and down my shaft again, I start to harden and she laughs and says "Not again, son, what did I tell you the last time?"

The more I don't want to get hard, the harder I get. I apologise as Mum peels my foreskin back to examine how clean I really am, by now I'm fully hard. She skins me back hard to see behind and decides to put some cream on me to make me supple. She tells me that I *must* not come this time, because that is disgusting and it means I want to fuck my Mummy and that's wrong.

Slowly my Mum creams my cock, telling me off for being hard and asking me if I want to fuck my own Mum, which I deny and apologise for, I can feel myself about to come often, but hold myself back, in the end, not wanting to admit that I'm enjoying it to prove her right, I don't say anything as I feel the come build up, my Mum notes I'm getting even harder and strokes me more slowly, asking me if I'm about to come like a dirty naughty boy. I deny it again, but spunk all over Mum's fingers and long nails while she tells me off.

She wipes her hand off on my stomach and tells me to lick and kiss her holes to show how sorry I am, which I do, I keep getting asked if I want to fuck my Mum like a degenerate and I keep saying no in between licking my Mum diligently, so Mum tells me to lie back, gets my cock in her hand and cups my balls, I start to harden again and I get told off for lying, my mouth is lying, but my Cock always gives me away. My tell-tale cock...

She asks if I want my Mummy to suck me off, which I deny, so she calls me a liar and licks my cock, making it fully hard again, I feel terrible, my Mum tells me off, because my cock is dribbling precum and she just licked it up, I'm such a nasty boy, I apologise and promise I don't want to fuck my own Mum, but again I get called a lair and my Mum gets on top of me and grabs my cock, putting me into her slowly.

She is so hot and wet, I try to relax to not spunk up her so hard, like I want to. I try and think of horror films and bad stuff to make myself not come, but I begin to feel that tingling in my tummy and balls again, my Mum warns me again that I must not come, because that proves I'm really enjoying it and am a dirty incestuous boy with unnatural desires.

I can see my Mum pleasuring herself on me, as is her right; she made me and raised me, but feeling her tighten around me when she comes is also too much for me. I start to come, and because I'm totally relaxed trying not to, I come very hard, 6 or seven good sprays of boy-semen up her, my Mum presses down on me, taking it all up her while telling me off again, and I say sorry.

I need an older woman who is serious about meeting up and making this and more real, maybe even 24/7. That is only one kind of scenario, there are lots of others and versions we can try, if you want.

I'm happy to talk, but I'm not interested in cyber only, I've done that and now that I can, want to live this out with a woman that feels the same way. I'm a good-looking boy, you won't be disappointed. For my part I just want you to mean it when you accept me as your son and me too as my Mum; if you're a good Mum to me in the above senses you'll never lose me at all and have a loyal boy to hold to you and appreciate you for the woman you really are.

I'm a professional man, well-liked and respected, hard to top or put down. I am *only* like this for my Mum and a convincing one that means it. I'm not like this for any other women or any passing random Domme, that just makes me laugh and is a bit awkward, probably because I'm mostly dominant myself anyway and despite the above.

Strictly what the advert says and in those confines and beyond if that is the play we then agree on and evolve.
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