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Black man: Busty obsession & race based cuckolding/threesome obsession

2nd March 2015 - 14:48 | London UK, East London

This is a long read. I'll clear it up/amend later on.

Anyway this is about two distinct interests/fetishes/whatever that could be related dependent upon the context.

I'm a 31yr old black man and am obsessed with big breasts. It started probably around 13-14 or so. It was Lindsey Dawn Mckenzie that 'triggered' something in me. To me she's not completely appealing- she's actually quite cheap but...she had an undeniable body. It was the complete combination of [especially when she got older] thighs, wide hips, big, pendulous breasts (I liked her most at her peak before her reduction). It took me a long time to finally get hold of a pair of what I'd consider big tits (partly because of my religious upbringing negatively affecting my relationship to women/sex.) Surprisingly…it was disappointing. I'd say all but (maybe) two times it hasn't lived up to my expectations- should've been the cue to not embellish these things in the mind. Thing is I'm still hardwired with this 'big-titty' thing. I can't help it & actually love it. Think of it more in the vein of "well sometimes sex is wonderful, enjoyable and other times it's a disappointment."

I don't really have the language to describe my infatuation with a large chest, but it might partly be due to the sheer size, heft, shape, movement. etc. It's just 'flesh'. Some women try to conceal/smother/dampen down their chests, but c'mon now, you can't fool these eyes!

I just love how they stretch the fabric of a top, how the sometimes subtly jiggle and bounce. I think I'm so fascinated that it can often override my appreciation for the whole woman. Meaning? I like those woman who may not have attractive faces but have big, heavy, overgrown chests. Actually an average woman with massive tits turns me on. I still spend much of my days (on the tube, out & about, etc) imagining sliding my cock & balls between many a big pair that walk on by. Amongst others I like those normal, 'boring', 'nerdy' looking girls, the (slightly) older woman who isn't concerned about looking appealing- just going about her business. It's so much more gratifying seeming a big pair when a woman is unassuming. This might not fit with my (proclaimed) overriding obsession with chest flesh, but I can't say I'm too, too attracted to 'bbw's. I'm a true fan of a curvy woman with thighs, hips etc, though. So those skinny, 'top-heavy' girls to the slightly heavier woman with a big chest, that's my range.

Paradoxically I often feel self-conscious about wanting to play with her chest as I could spend ages just jiggling, bouncing, kneading, licking, sucking tits, like I'm silly for wanting to do it. That's another thing I really should've overcome by now.

I have a 'binary' breakdown when it comes to girls, in the traditional western sense. My absolute favorite is a black girl with big tits. I'm also obsessed with the "big-titty white girl." I've noticed English, Poles, Estonians, Russians (& many more Euros), black girls (sorry to condense this very special category!), Turkish girls, Asians and confounding somewhat baseless stereotypes even busty east Asian looking girls. Guess my eye has been honed to recognize that tell-tale sign a woman is trying to hide big knockers under some sort of sweater! It's involuntary, my eye is just drawn. I hope I'm not 'leering', 'ogling', but rather just giving an 'admiring glance'. Some days I'm like "why not just look, ain't hurting nobody." I do like seeing a pair of big white tits.

Aside: I like the big-titted English slut. That's whether you're an innocent 'good girl', or some mucky, cheap trash.

I wouldn't say I've got my hands on a large amount, but I've played with a few different types. Really big, heavy ones, firm 'ripe' feeling types, slender top heavy girls. etc. I think my most gratifying experience was with a slim, young black girl with a huge chest. Only 5'3". Her nipples weren't very pronounced but man what a huge chest.

I have to admit that I was mesmerized the first time I slithered my cock and balls between a big pair of white ones. They were so big we both held them together as I slowly pumped the dick back and forth between them. Yeah I kept pushing the cockhead into her nipples, slapped my (quite heavy) cock on em, etc.


Anyway the 2nd 'fetish'. This is something that I found out about online years upon years ago and have never done. Again it might be a disappointment (if-which is unlikely-I ever do it). It's not strictly' cuckolding' more the whole threesome thing with a 'friend' (the more distant this 'friend' the better I'd guess.) I gotta admit that I'd like to sleep with a wife or girlfriend…with permission of course! Ideal world would be a guy with a busty girlfriend/wife/partner whom he wanted to share. Whether that's cuckolding/threesomes or him just watching.

For this one I'm not even sure it's genesis, but I think I must've spent (or wasted) way too much time on certain types of forums. My interest has varied over the years and I actually tried to do it. As you'd expect with anything that's setup over the internet, there were a lot of fakes, flakes, frauds etc. Thing is I would also count myself in that category as I often became nervous (with genuine seeming couples) and bailed- not that there were many 'genuine' folks. I did meet a couple in a pub once. Although I thought well of them, liked them, etc, I never felt any real attraction to the woman or excitement at having her. Perhaps I should've done it just for the confidence boost and experience gained.

Other fantasies of mine are FFM (or if that FMF?) threesomes, but that's more a mundane, standard fantasy. Variations are black and white girls, young and older (within limits) etc. I've had this thing about two people sucking on a big pair of tits and one girl sitting behind the other while giving me a titfuck. Maybe this says something about me, but I'd also like to fuck a white girl in front of a black girl and visa versa. Even though I'm a relatively polite type of guy I have this idea of 'performing' for a white woman/couple. Don't know why but I'd just like to entertain a white girl by having her watch me and a black girl doing whatever. Conversely I'd love a black girl to just sit and watch while I nail a white girl, the more submissive, humble and 'small' we can make that white girl feel, the better. I have these fantasies about ejaculating over a white girl [emphasis on blowing a load of thick, sticky, gooey cum over the face or chest] (or the converse) while the black girl watches, or maybe she's the one pumping the spunk over the white toy.

Yep…I'd like to 'own' a white woman…sorry. Maybe I'll expand upon that here, or write another one of these.

Phew! So there it is. May not have explained everything as well as I'd liked (specifically the cuckold stuff. I just got tired of writing!)

I really am a civilized guy! I am polite and seem laid-back. But we all have our kinks.


Disclaimer: I am attracted to woman who aren't busty.

I also didn't see the point detailing my defining of 'busty'. Too many body shapes, sizes, etc. Some woman with the same bra size can (of course) look and be perceived differently. One persons 'big' may be 'average' to another, etc.
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