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Participate in a 2-hour experiment at UCL and earn up to £25.

24th March 2015 - 6:46 | London UK, London

We are looking for people, both male and female, aged 18-50 to participate in a drug and decision-making experiment that involves a simple computer-based task and will last at most 2 hours.

The experiment takes the form of a game. We recruit two people to play the game: a ‘Player’ and an ‘Adviser’. The job of the Player is to work out how to make the most money by choosing cards. The job of the Adviser is to help or hinder the Player.

We would like to know how small doses of two drugs change the performance of the Player. These drugs have effects on dopamine receptors, which are important for decision-making. Please don’t volunteer if you would not wish to take a drug.

You will be paid at the end of the experiment between £15-25, depending on your performance. Note that during the experimental procedure, you will be able to withdraw at any time without any problem.

To be eligible, you must NOT be one of the following:

- Pregnant women or women who might be pregnant, and women who are breast-feeding.
- People who take any regular medications with the only exception of female subjects who take the contraceptive pill.
- People who have any of the following conditions: severe asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, myasthenia gravis, ulcerative colitis, glaucoma, melanoma, heart or blood vessel disease, hyper or hypo-thyroidism, gastro-intestinal obstruction.
- People who have experienced an allergic reaction or hypersensitivity upon administration of a drug.
- People with a history of malignant melanoma, or a narrow angle glaucoma (overpressure in the eye).

If you are interested please email:
Dr Rick Adams (Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging)
and include your: name / age / gender / telephone number.

Note: We will only email those that are selected for the study, and we will do so within 7 days of receiving your email. Our email will tell you if you are selected to be the ‘player’ or the ‘adviser’.

Data Protection:
No one will be able to access information about you as all your results will be held in an anonymous form. Data will be stored in secured accommodation and on secured computers in the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging. Any information about you that leaves the Wellcome Centre will have your name and address removed so that you cannot be recognised. Participation in this study will in no way affect your legal rights. The data will be used only for the purpose of informing the research questions in this study, and will only be accessed by the research team. The results of this study will be disseminated in peer-reviewed scientific journals, but you will in no way be identifiable from such publications. The data will be retained indefinitely and securely, and may be accessed in the future by the research team for comparison with future data.
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