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Straight white boy having bi fantasies and desires

Posted over a year ago | London, london

I am an everyday normal guy until I get horny at home on my computer late at night...

I was at a house party in Chelsea a while back and it was quite a large house and party where I didn't know too many people but a few of us where chilling out back in the garden just drinking a little further away from the general mass of the party to just chat without th music being as disruptive but after a while people shortly joined back to the party I just stayed there finishing my drink texting on my phone and some guy came and sat there just making idle convo so I obliged being polite and all that after a few more drinks he started asking slightly more personal questions and asked if I had ever jerked a friend off (I didn't know this guy) I told him no and I would never just do that like it was normal, he asked if I would jerk him off after a while, just under the table slowly til he came, but I kinda got weirded out wen tot get another beer after saying no, and sat back down he was still there though and he made a different proposal and said if his girlfriend would suck me off at the same time right there would I do it... I have to say I thought about it for a moment and then told him he would have to let me see his gf and get her out here :) He did and she was real cute I almost agreed but it just felt wrong, and there was this huge light shining on the benches we were at so it would probably be seen by at least one person and spread around, so I said no and after she started flirting and teasing me a little which was really turning me on, I told them I wanted here to ride my cock after giving me head while I did it once the lights went out I would do it then by this time I was pretty tipsy though well quite drunk.

She did though as soon as the lights went out nobody was really there anymore she got straight on her knees under the table and it was just "wow" so good, he got his cock out and put my hand on it told me how he wanted it rubbed first and then stroked nice and slow, I was moaning a little from where his gf was sucking my cock so good. He took that opportunity to start talking real dirty but quietly and telling me what to do calling me a whore and other names, which I honestly quite liked. My cock just got harder but so did his and it was big too, bigger than mine which he kept commenting on too, I couldn't really concentrate on too much this blowjob I was getting was just so good I was breathing heavily almost ready to cum, she could tell too and got faster as my groaning started and the breathing got real heavy but right as I was going to cum he said stop to me and his gf, someone was coming out to the garden so we quickly got to a normal position and everything grabbed our drinks she acted like her phone dropped and after the person went back inside we looked about and saw there was this barbecue area with some more benches a little more out of the way (this garden was pretty huge like the house) and there were a couple of hedges and bushes that would block the view a little, so we decided to head over there and finish this.

When we got over there it was so much safer to not get caught and I wouldn't care about getting caught with my cock in a girls mouth it was the other thing jerking him off while I get blown. I was liking it though it was turning me on a lot, these benches were different though more spacious and kind of styled so you can lean back on them a little, they were odd but we used them to our advantage I laid back a little she got more comfortable to blow me and he stood over watching and placed my hand on his cock again, I started doing it as told to and he gave more instructions as it went on he started moaning with pleasure and I was already from the amazing blowjob I was getting... Shortly after I said I'm real close, Im going to cum soon, and she loved it, she got more into it and really went at it which made my eyes roll back and everything toes curled and the guy turned and point his cock toward my face and said if I don't make him cum before I cum he will make sure it goes on my face.. I said no, shit no... because I was already cumming, I couldn't hold it back but I think he knew and thats why he did that, I started wanking him fast and hard to try and make him cum before I did, but I just exploded and moaned with pleasure as he grabbed him cock and held my forehead back with his other hand and stroked and rubbed his cock directly on my face, I was busy exploding in this girls mouth and feeling insane pleasure to care much but it did turn me on, she kept sucking it was amazing she sucked it dry and then some, I was still rock hard when she mounted my cock after throwing a condom on it and wiping my face with her underwear from the mess that was on it, which was nice, the guy just kind of sat back as we were fucking, me and the girl were kissing while fucking and it was pretty hot, the guy got up and rubbed my balls a little which was weird but it felt nice to be honest, so I just kept going and he said he was going to get everyone some more beer so we said cool as we continued, and we were at it for a little bit before I came again not before she did though, I think she really enjoyed it because she came a couple of times. Anyway after that we kind of fixed ourselves up drank that last beer and went back to the party and that was that, now this isn't the fantasy stuff this is literally just me explaining the thing that started it all!

Now I really like that I had that whole experience and I fantasize about more, I talk to guys online in chat rooms and on forums, just pervy/horny guys about my desires and everything and I really like hearing the dirty things they say to and about me, it gets me off and I like the idea of jerking a larger cock than mine a lot now I have desires to suck a more dominant man off and have another facial experience, I even cum on my own face, sometimes with my mouth wide open and it gets me so worked up... I prob won't do more than just fantasize and talk to these guys online though because it is just a series of twisted fantasies based on that one event but I felt like confessing it
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