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Love Hurts

23rd July 2015 - 12:53 | London UK, South West

Having known this person for over 15 yrs, we call our self as "good" friends. we have shared each others secrets, we have had a intimate relationship as well.
she knows i have feelings for her and how much i care for her. i have admitted it to her.

over the past couple years we seem to have lost touch, we dont speak as much we dont see each other as much.
She says she felt she didnt have her space.
i was being only myself, the way she had known me and liked me for all these years.
we email each other daily at work and that has started to ease of now a days.

now i just keep getting a feeling of hurt. i enjoy her co but it seems to me she is moving away from me.
she doesn't say much and i am kept to reading signs from email.

in the past when i have expressed my feelings to her on email, she would say ahh very sweet, cute etc.
now if i do, she might just ignore it or say thats nice.

i might be reading too much into it, but i am sure she isnt the person that i knew once.

we have had our ups and downs. and in most cases we sorted our differences out. this yr we have had a very rocky patch for most of the year.

she says she cares, but doesnt seem to show.
i care alot of her
and it hurts when i feel i am giving it all and she isnt.

i just wanted to rant out and let my feelings be said.
cos. i dont have any friends who i can go talk with on this subject. i only used to speak to her but i know if i speak with her it will make this very fragile bond even worse.
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