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Money fetish? Prostitution fetish?

Posted over a year ago | London, London

I know you read the title and said "doesn't everyone". well, the money fetish part at least. One day, a pervy old man (of course) approached me and asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend. Now, I was 18 years old (20 now), so the idea of being with a man in his 50's made me sick. Anyway, he followed me as I walked to sixth form and finally asked "what do I have to do to make you my girlfriend" and "what makes you cum" I respond with "money" I wasn't lying, money is the answer to both. He laughed, opened his wallet and shoved to £50 notes into my hands. He then told me how he could take me shopping right now and I could have anything. I genuinely considered being seen around with this pervert, but I couldn't be late for college (funny). I walked away (with his money) and never saw him again.

That night, as soon as I got home I ran to my bedroom and I took the crumpled cash out of my bag. I then lay on my bed and inhaled the scent, I fucking love the scent of money. This was not the most I have ever had I'm cash, it's just the way I had acquired it was a big turn on. Anyway, I shoved it down my knickers and rubbed myself with it for a while. I had no desire to have that mans hands on me, but the thought of him watching me rub his money on my pussy, then masturbate, was such a turn on!

Now, for the other 'fetish'. I was out one night and very, very drunk, as were my friends. My friends older sister also happened to be out, as she was home from university. I can't recent all the details, or how we even came to this topic, but shh revealed that she was a prostitute .She told me of this particular customer that had paid her a large sum to fuck her with all her clothes on. He had pulled off her panties, fucked her, cum on her dress and she left with a big envelope of cash. This is now my ultimate fantasy. All I want is for a man to rip off my panties (nothing else, fuck me (preferably doggy) and leave with a big envelope of cash. The idea honestly makes me soo wet and I love the thought of an older, wealthy man using me like a doll. I feel like keeping yourclothes on makes it more dirty... I know that money really isn't anything to him, he isn't losing anything by giving it to me. He's using me.

Another fantasy of mine is an older sugar daddy that only wants me for head.i would see him a couple of times a week/month and suck his dick In exchange of an allowance or large amount of cash. The idea of him pulling down his trousers and wrapping my lips around his cock...after he'd give me the money and I'd lick the cum off my lips. I just want an older man to use me and throw money at me like I'm a whore... I'm not though I really am I sweetheart. I have had very few sexual partners, because this is the only thing that excites me!!

I've thought about becoming an escort, but I'm shy and it's really more about me. I don't know how I'll find a way to incorporate money and the fantasies I've described. Finding a sugar daddy that would be into the above is also very difficult. This is becoming the only thing that truly turns me on and it's very worrying!

Umm that was my share I guess. I'd love to hear from anyone aho has similar thoughts...
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