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The Indian masseuse and me

2nd September 2015 - 17:31 | London UK, london

A few years ago, I'd had an amazing experience where, after months of teasing, I'd ended up having sex with my masseuse. Months afterwards, she'd moved away and I felt the time was right to find someone new.

Trawling the internet, I'd found something promising, a mature Indian lady who provided an outcall massage service. I called her that evening and on the other end was a woman who could best be described as 'scatty'. Details of the massage were a bit vague, but I liked her voice and so decided to book for the next morning at 9:30am.

My sense of anticipation was incredible. I'd arranged the living room so that the massage would take place there. Pacing around in my shorts and t-shirt, 9:30 came and went. 15 more minutes went. Still no sign of her. Just as I was starting to doubt whether she would arrive I saw a tallish (taller than me) Indian woman arrive at my door.

Heart racing, I composed myself before opening the door. Indeed she was mature, good looking in an unassuming way. She was dressed like a Jehovah's Witness, very chic, 50 years ago!

She came in, a bit shy, unlike the person I spoke to the night before.

We sat down, had a brief chat and then she asked me if she could take a shower, still seeming a bit nervous. I said of course, and to take her time. I gave her a towel (which I was hoping she'd wear coming down).

She seemed a bit more at ease, and 10 minutes in the shower and she was back downstairs...wearing the same clothes she'd arrived in.

Just as my thoughts of seeing her naked were fading, she then asked if I wanted her clothed or nude for the massage. This didn't seem on the cards when I'd spoken to her the niht before.

Taken aback, I said nude, of course. She seemed pleased with my decision.

I'd stripped off quickly (to her quiet appreciation) and lay on the floor while she quickly did the same; her thick blouse disguising the biggest breasts I'd seen, probably HH.

The massage began with me face down, hands by my side and legs parted enough that she could see the effect she was having on me. She started a rhythmic massage, pausing occasionally to adjust her body. Our bodies were always touching. As she'd lean over I would feel her breasts on my back. All the same, I wanted her massage my hardness but she didn't.

After 40 minutes of this I began to wonder where this would go, then she asked me turn over. I obliged, she immediately put her hand on my shaft and slowly started wanking it. Sensing that she was as turned on as I was, I thrusted my hand into her pubic area and felt how wet she was...and was even twisting her back so I could have easy access.

What she didn't make in noise, she made up for in facial expressions. It was a gorgeous sight to see her twitch and tremble as my fingers played with her. She leaned forward, inviting me to suck her breasts which I did greedily.

By now we knew that it was 'anything goes'. "Lay down", I told her. Slowly, deliberately, she did so, her bum wobbling slightly as she rested herself down. I gave it a smack, she responded with a moan. I sat astride her, giving her a full body massage, with my hard cock starting to slowly press against her wet pussy.

Her hands gripped the floor. She then looked at me. I knew then that she wanted me to take I inched slowly into her tight hole, spreading her cheeks wide apart as my cock disappeared into her. Again she made no noise but her short sharp breaths told me everything. After a few minutes, the excitement of it all was too much for me, and I came, hard. She seemed impressed by how much I'd cum!

I tried in vain for a return engagement, but scheduling etc. got in the way. Losing her contact details didn't help. A shame...

The search continues.
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