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I am hopelessly sexually inexperienced for my age (28/M)

27th September 2014 - 1:13 | London UK, N London

I am hopeless at socialising, especially with women. I tried clubs when I was 18; no good. I drink in pubs occasionally - even now; no good. I know that the stereotypical 'places to meet people' aren't actually the best places to meet people, especially if you're a social misfit. I am stuck in that horrible dichotomy of being an introvert who wants to be left alone, but craves contact with a woman.

I have had brief sexual experiences, but it is too expensive to ever be a regular thing (read into that what you will). I get performance anxiety, so I hardly get it up, and I can't even cum. Pretty damaging for a young man. We men cannot help having testicles that need to be emptied now and again. We do need sex.

It seems impossible to find a genuine and willing female fuck-buddy to gain experience in bed with. My life is just too closed to meeting any kind of woman who would help me out. I don't think I am ready for a relationship and am well aware I have wasted my twenties which is usually the time that everyone fucks around. I am a decade behind.

It would be different if women spoke to me, but they don't. I know about body language, and have never seen any positive body language from a woman towards me. The few women that have stared at me never attempted to engage conversation with me. I don't know if women know I am terminally single or if they think I am already with a woman, or as is common with Forever Alone types, assume I am gay.

I have tried to out myself out there over the past few years and often go out for breakfasts, pub dinners, etc. I am known to the staff, but never get any interest from anyone. Then there's the issue of people never coming alone to socialize; they are always in groups.

There was one brief conversation with a woman at the bar about five months ago, she even started it, which surprised me. She made reference to a football match that had been played that day, and we shared a smile about it. But the kicker was that she was ordering drinks for her group so there was no way to get a one on one chat going. It was crowded, so I couldn't even see where she was sitting, so I couldn't have known if she was checking me out. So near and yet so far.

Based on a few other similar posts here, and the possibility that more genuine women might have a nosy in this section I am posting my confession here, and hope for a response from a sympathetic woman who might provide me with what I need. She might be inexperienced as well. She might be a loner too.

I'm a bald and bearded short and stocky guy. Nothing to write home about. But I crave intimacy, body contact, massages and kisses. I'm not fussed about age. Send a photo if you are genuine. It would be great if I could find a woman who could accommodate.

I've had many ignored/spammed ads on CL - both short ads and even long ones, so I know the score. I am not expecting much.
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