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My first and hopefully not my last fantasy

18th December 2015 - 13:04 | London UK, London

She nodded as they came into the bar, sitting a few seats away they he when to the bar and got them some drinks, a glass of champagne for her which was the signal it was the correct person. As I looked up from my pc, she was glancing across and started to life her skirt up her thigh showing me the stocking top and suspenders. Her partner was not able to see and while I couldn’t keep my eyes from the lovely view as anyone else who walking in at this time.
When she nearly finished I left and waited at the door of Selfridges, a moment later she met me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Together we went to the lingerie department taking as we went, she was asking me what I liked on the way. Once they we walked around and selected various silky items which I said I preferred, some lovely stocking. I enjoyed the experience feeling the material on so may sexy items.

We then headed to the other department and selected a lovely silk dress which would just be long enough to cover the stockings.
I then return to the pub and waiting outside while she went in and talked to her partner. They left together then he went the other way probably to do some Christmas shopping I assumed. As we agreed in the shop I then followed her to the hotel we prepared.

In the hotel room she showed be the ropes and blindfold placing them on the bed, then laying down she lifted her skirt and I should check to see if see was ok. Using my tongue I start to feel the stocking and silken lingerie she was wearing, I moved them to the side and move my tongue slowing through her clit and privates being able to taste a the time her partner has spent together in the morning. After a few minute her stated to moan slightly with approval which made me feel good, then she stopped and said we must prepare.

We went in the bathroom where I had a shower and dried myself, then started to get dressed with her help. She wanted me to wear red lipstick also just to add to the effect. Once dresser she phone her partner and told him to come to the room urgently.
We waited what seemed like eternity, but finally we hear a knock on the door. I went to the bathroom as planed and she let him him.

Soon as he enter her toned changed and she demanded that he undress himself, he also changed his tone and started to call her mistress. She told him to get on the bed which then she restrained him and put a blindfold on. Once she could she beckoned me but I was to stay silent. She had turned the television on to hide any accidental noises.
I watched has she then gave want seems a lovely blow job, looking at how his cock started to rise so quickly he must of enjoyed it, I doubt any man could resist. Once he was hard she sat on him and started to move her hips forwards and backwards. Talking dirty to him saying that she expected him to repeat a few time otherwise he would know what he would get. It was a sight I never through I would see, looking closing and he slipped in and out of her without him knowing. I thought that he wouldn’t be able to resist and I was correct as he shouted he was coming and she clenched him to make sure every drop was deposited in here.

After a few seconds still sitting on him, she took the restraints off his legs and hands and telling him to move of the bed a minute while she gets comfortable. Once he was off she instantly turned over and beckoned me over I did not kiss her but moved her legs apart and looked and the which slicky substance flowing from her. I went down and started to like, they was number 1 in my 40 things I want todo before I was 40. I tasted strange and first but I knew I must do it correct and made she that every drop went into my mouth and swallowed. She did not moan but knew that I must clean he and get it all. Once I had completed, which only took a minute.

She then shouted at her parted to come over, where she started to suck him again. This time I was sitting next to her and soon as he started to get hard he took her mouth of his cock and moved mine onto it. She moved my head how where would making to take the length in slowly at first but then almost gaging me. She moved away and let me continue while we she a video to show him later or as she explained to me masturbate over when she was bored. I had never sucked but this was the agreement, I actually started to like it and he didn’t seem to notice that his wife was sucking him. After a few minutes which I had tasked lots of semen she moved over and took my head away.

Pushing him backwards a little she made me move onto the bed on all fours. Once I was on she lifted the dressed and stocked my stockings. With some lube in one had she smeared in onto my rear, which talking to him. I want you to fuck my arse you bastard I want you hard and can be, if you come in me i give you something that you never expected so you better perform. She was now fingering me stocking my stocking and nickers that had just been moved to the side. Once she was happy that I had enough lube to pulled him over. Slowly directing his cock toward me she asked him if he liked the feel of her new stocking and lingerie. He said yes and moved his had onto my button to fee the dress and the stocking tops which were identical to his wifes. She told him that him must not move his hand and only feel where they were. Guiding his cock into me, it hurt a little but I knew I must not make a noise. She when moved around the bed an laid in front of my exposing her cunt and pointin at it for me to lick. Once a I licked she told he to go faster. The pain quickly I started to pant, looking in the mirror I examing the lovedly stocking and dress I was wearing getting fucked. His expression was one of pure enjoyment, his wife was starting to moad as I licked her clit more. Telling him to go faster and harder, which made my move my tongue faster.

After a few minute I felt like I was going to come, panting, listening to him and her pant being used and loving every second of if wanting it not to end. Again I he started to say he was going to come, she told him that he must come up her arse and make he anus feel like it was being flooded.

Then he came shooting the hot liquid into me, I stopped licked and buried my head into the sheets. He seemed that he was shooting hot come into for ages I counted 5,6,7 thrusts and he started to come each one being harder that the previous matched with a groan of enjoyment. When he finally finish he wife had move back round the bed pulling him cock out of me. I felf the come drip down as she then moved the nickers to cover the come and my now big hole.

She dragged him into the bathroom gave him some toilet role to clean himself with, then coming back into the room she pulled my up. Made the dress respectable and opened the door, kissing me with her tongue sneakily fingering me she that was the best experience she had in ages. She then gave me a bag with my possessions and pushed me out of the room. Gingerly I walked out of hotel trying not to be noticed, which I don’t think was that successful from the few stares. I waked back into the put and when to the toilets where I took the dress of bent over and examined my arse I could see the which stickey come all over the nickers and running down my balls. The knickers where so nice I couldn’t take them over but just but my jeans and jumper back on and wen on my way.

On the train home I was sitting next to sexy lady, feeling hot come still in my pants wondering would she like to be licked. I then received the text message saying that he didn’t suspect a think and next time I can decide what we do. My imagination start running riot and jiggle my bottom purposed to feel material of the lingerie and the come.

If you would like to share or act out your fantasy contact me, I would love to find a couple who would like todo what I wrote.

Anyone welcome to exchanges and more.
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