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My only EVER fucking real-life meet - A true story

Posted over a year ago | London, N London

A few years ago I responded to an advert posted by a Japanese student offering an hour of sex and massage for a hundred quid. I had just been circumcised a few weeks before, and wanted to test it out.

After a bit of ping-pong I was able to verify she was real and sorted out a meeting at my local train station. She was a cutie alright, with perfect tits and arse. We walked to my place.

We sat on the bed and chatted for a few moments. She wasn't worried about the money. When it felt right, we started kissing. It felt good, and after a while she was straddling me as we kissed whilst I got her top off. I make it a point of pride to remove bras myself without assistance, and I let loose her lovely tits, kissing and sucking them as hard as she wanted - Which was quite hard for a woman.

After we both got naked, I enjoyed her body as much as I could. Running my hands up and down her body, and kissing all down her back as well as her neck. I grabbed and massaged her fine arse and her legs. We ended up kissing again.

I lay down as she took my newly circumcised cock in her mouth. It was strange getting used to the new sensations, and she knew she had to take it easy on me (I hadn't yet been cleared to have sex by the doctors yet). At one point she lay still as I held her head and gently pumped my cock into her mouth.

I lay on my front as she massaged me, working her hands down my back, arse and legs. It felt good, and I was relaxed. I had to re-adjust my cock and balls so they were reachable for her. Sure enough, she brushed by them as she massaged the back of my legs and my arse.

I turned over, and she massaged my chest and stomach, ran her hands down my legs and played gently with my cock and balls. We were kissing again, and I wanted another go at massaging her. I playfully let my hardening precumming warm cock brush up against her, and slapped it against her arse.

Soon, I was getting the condom on. I usually go soft in rubbers, so I wasn't looking forward to the disappointment. I got on top as I penetrated her. It felt good, and I was surprised I could feel at all. She let out soft gasps which spurred me on. I grabbed her shoulders as I thrust into her, we kissed intermittently. She kissed me so deeply I was surprised. Our tongues played with each other. Surprisingly enough, I got harder. That never happens to me.

After a while, I had almost shagged her off the bed. We had to stop and re-position ourselves. She then rode me cowgirl, which I like - Always a good opportunity to play with her tits and tweak her nipples as well as more kissing. I ran my hands up and down her back and held her arse. I could feel the pressure in my cock as she rode me. I still haven't got used to the sensations even today - either feeling nothing or getting very sensitive - neither of which is conducive to getting a raging hard-on. Hence my usual problems getting a full hard-on or being able to cum. Just having the very occasional shag does nothing for continuity and getting used to sex.

I got back to massaging her again. I wished she could stay longer, but we were running out of time. She wasn't too fussed about leaving on the dot, so I had a little extra time to enjoy her body. The warmth of skin on skin is intoxicating. I could enjoy it forever.

With sadness, we got dressed. I paid her and she left. I e-mailed her a few days after, saying how much I enjoyed it and that it would be nice to have round two. After initially agreeing to meet in the future, she stopped responding. I deleted her contact info. Such a shame, she was easily my best shag due to her enthusiasm and passionate kissing; it felt 'real'. All my other fucks (with GFE escorts) have rarely come close. I'll be dining out on that experience for the rest of my life at this rate.

It would be nice to one day have a regular and genuine passionate sexual experience without paying for it.

Sadly, I am stuck with trying to fuck escorts with a semi-hard-on three times a year, and trawling though spam infested shit-holes like this with my adverts being ignored or spammed. The chances of my finding a genuine fuck-buddy are one in sixty million.

Still, at least I felt something like a man for an hour.
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