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Probably the best interview ever

Posted over a year ago | London, West End

I had an interview with a company based on in the west end of London. My interview was meant to be at 5pm, however when I arrived it was clear they were running late. The receptionist/secretary was a very attractive woman in her early 30s. She greeted me and apologised that they were running late. By 6.30 I was the only person left waiting, so I started to talk to the secretary. She was wearing very sexy short dress that shows off her round peachy breast and smooth legs very well.

As we talk, I notice her eyes wandering over me, before they come back to my face. While she is checking me out, I took the chance to do the same. She is blonde, very pretty and very much my type. As I finish looking her over I know that she has noticed where my eye have been wandering and small smile creeps on her face.

Luckily she makes the first move and asks me if I wouldn’t might looking at a problem she’d being having with her computer. Happily I agree to see what I can do and walk over to her desk. She is sitting down and point to under her desk. I drop to my knees and looks at the various wires, as I turn my head towards her; she has opened her legs wide and pulled her knickers to one side. I can see her glorious juicy pussy directly in front of me.

I moves forward until I am between her legs and push her skirt up, exposing her legs and pussy. I starts to kiss her legs and slowly works my way towards the outside of her lips. Every inch I move nearer, the more excited she gets and the anticipation is almost too much as I push my tongue inside her.

I stand up and she unzips my trousers, releasing my member. It hangs in the air in front of her before she greedily take it in her mouth, working her tongue round his shaft, moving up towards to my now swollen purple helmet. I’m getting excited and start to push my cock deeper into her mouth. It is almost made her choke at one point.

Out of breath, she remove her mouth from my now rock hard cock, strings of her saliva hangs between her mouth and my solid tool. Quickly and in one more I turned her round, clearing her desk with one hand, I bend her over the desk. Her head is flat on the desk as I rub the end of my cock around her wet lips. She starts to beg to have me inside her. I oblige and slides my large helmet inside. I tease her with the end, driving her crazy, until she almost screams you have my full length inside her.

Finally and in one quick move I force my full length inside her, before slowly withdrawing, almost removing my cock from her pussy before driving the whole member home again. I continues to pump, slowly at first, my hard cock again and again into her, the force of the trust sends an impact wave across her arse. Her pussy is now dripping and I can feel her juices running down my shaft and onto my balls. As she starts to cum, I can feel her pussy shiver and contract as I increase the speed and force of my action until her pussy erupts and I can hear the sound of my cock driving into her sodden hole. As I start to cum I grab her butt tight in my hands, digging my finger nails in slightly.

She quickly turns round and put my cock in her mouth, licking and sucking our combined orgasm until I’m clean.....just as I’m tucking my cock into my pants, I hear her boss call me for the final interview of the day and realise he has been in his office the while time.....
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