Dr Sebi can apparently cure all known diseases including cancer, diabetes, AIDS, etc

According to Dr Sebi, you can cure any disease by eating healthy.

Did you know that some fruits and vegetables like carrots and potatoes are man made hybrid foods? I knew some fruits (seedless grapes, seedless mandarins, etc) were man made, but I didn’t know that vegetables like beans and broccoli were man made hybrid foods.

You may now be thinking “what are hybrid foods?” Hybrid food is the result of cross-breeding plants under controlled pollination. The hybrid seed will produce a plant with characteristics from both plants that were crossed. Hybrid foods will not grow in nature. They must be nurtured and protected by humans or else they will be overcome by birds, insects, fungus and bacteria and they are supposedly not as healthy as natural foods that grow in nature such as lettuce, cucumber, mushrooms, walnuts, etc.

If you or your loved one’s are suffering from a so called incurable disease then it maybe worth looking into Dr Sebi’s work. Personally I think the medical industry likes having sick people so they can make money out of them, so they don’t really want to cure anything. They just want to sell us drugs and services.

Fortunately I am not suffering from any incurable disease, but I like to eat healthy and I have started to include some of Dr Sebi’s recommended foods in my diet.

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