About CrazyOz Classified Ads

CrazyOz is a free classified ads website based in the United Kingdom. It was founded by Oz in 2013. Oz was born and raised in London. He has a background in computing with a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Computer Software.

Growing up in London Hackney during the 1980s and 1990s, Oz knows what it’s like to not have much money. Rather than throw old stuff out, he had to sell his old stuff, so he could afford to buy new stuff. Oz used to use classified ad newspapers to buy and sell stuff like second gaming consoles and video games. Later on in the early 2000s, Oz stopped using classified ad newspapers and started using classified ad websites when the Internet started becoming popular. Oz no longer needed to buy newspapers, everything was online and it was updated more frequently. About Me

During the mid 2000s when the Internet started becoming even more popular, Oz noticed that some of the bigger free classified websites were being bought out by large corporations and new fees were being introduced all the time. He remembers being surprised when asked for his credit card details when he wanted to place a free ad for his second hand car. The price was £20 for a basic ad, they didn't offer free ads for second hand cars anymore and there were extra costs for upgrades too.

The price of a basic ad with all the extra add-ons included would have been around £50 for a car that was only worth a few hundred pounds at the time and there was no guarantee of selling the car either. After 30 days, you would need to pay again for another ad.

Rather than pay the fee and pay for the add-ons, he did an Internet search and found another popular Internet classifieds website to advertise his second hand car for sale. A few years later, he tried to sell a different car and history repeated itself. The new popular website he had found was sold to a large corporation and new fees were introduced for ads that used to be free.

The big problem with these large corporations that were buying free classified ad websites is that they were not only introducing new fees, but they were also constantly raising them too. Free ads were becoming expensive paid ads, with loads of new add-on fees for different types of upgrades, like a reposting fee, extended time fee, etc. They basically charge for anything they can think of to get more money out of people. Their main aim is to make as much money as they can for their shareholders, not make a great site for the consumers.

After becoming fed up with so many classifieds websites being ruined by big corporations, Oz thought he will make his own free classifieds website. Being a computer programmer, Oz knew that it wasn’t too difficult to build a database driven website even though he had never built one before. He got to work on making his own website on his home computer with the idea to keep the ads free for the community. He had only made very basic HTML websites in university, so he had to lots of research and buy lots of new books on developing websites such as HTML, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Jquery, CSS, etc. It took him a few months to come up with a basic working website and since then he has constantly been improving it.

Unfortunately there will always be people out there who want to destroy other people’s ideas rather than build their own. Over the years, Oz has had to deal with spammers, hackers and lots of negative people who try to destroy something positive that he created for the community. If you like CrazyOz, it would be very helpful if you can help spread the word about CrazyOz by letting other people know about the website by telling your friends on social media or by word of mouth. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome. You can contact Oz using the contact page.