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By Oz on Saturday 14th-December 2019 | Blog: #7
I have started to make video reviews of restaurants on YouTube as a hobby. You can see my reviews by clicking on the links below. The first video review is of a nice Turkish restaurant called ... Read More
By Oz on Sunday 3rd-November 2019 | Blog: #6
We asked people what their marital status was and what they were looking for in the personals section on CrazyOz. After 1102 votes, the results are as follows;

39% - Single seeking NSA
21% - Marri ... Read More
By Oz on Wednesday 3rd-April 2019 | Blog: #5
We redesigned our CrazyOz homepage today. We will be making more changes to the website soon.

Do you prefer the new layout or do you prefer the previous homepage design? If you have any suggestion ... Read More