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By Oz on Sunday 24th-June 2018 | Blog: #54
The web server was upgraded in the early hours of the morning today to cope with more traffic. The website is now a lot quicker than before. We also changed the website to HTTPS for the entire site which basically improves security.

CrazyOz is getting more popular everyday - thanks to everyone who is using it and spreading the word! Thanks for all your support! :-)
By Oz on Thursday 2nd-July 2015 | Blog: #52
The server for CrazyOz was upgraded in the early hours of the morning today. All Premium Ads were given two days extra.

Thanks for supporting CrazyOz!
By Oz on Monday 22nd-June 2015 | Blog: #51
The CrazyOz website will be moving to a faster server next week Wednesday-night (01/07/2015) to cope with an increase in traffic. During the upgrade, the CrazyOz server will go offline for a few hours.

People who have bought Premium Ads will have their Premium Ad time extended to compensate for the down time.

A big thank you goes out to all the regular users of the website who have helped it grow by spreading the word and placing new ads on CrazyOz.
By Oz on Tuesday 3rd-June 2014 | Blog: #49
If you have cheated in a relationship, please select the main reason why.

* * * VOTING RESULTS * * *

102 votes - Feel unappreciated
83 votes - Boost my ego
54 votes - Excitement
29 votes - Revenge
17 votes - Random opportunity
15 votes - Other (not on list)
By Oz on Monday 28th-April 2014 | Blog: #46
Ladies - what do you want most in a man?

* * * VOTING RESULTS * * *

118 votes - Money and status
79 votes - Good humour and charm
75 votes - Good looks
17 votes - Macho
11 votes - Other (not on list)
By Oz on Tuesday 1st-April 2014 | Blog: #48
As a sugar daddy, what are you seeking?

* * * VOTING RESULTS * * *

24 votes - NSA. I'm single.
21 votes - Relationship. I'm single.
14 votes - Relationship. I'm married.
9 votes - NSA. I'm married.
4 votes - Marriage. I'm single.

Total Votes: 72
By Oz on Thursday 13th-March 2014 | Blog: #47
Are you a Sugar Babe? Do you want to be a Sugar Babe? Please select the reason why you have chosen to be a sugar babe.

* * * VOTING RESULTS * * *

64 votes - Need help with student fees
60 votes - I'm broke
54 votes - I enjoy being spoilt
24 votes - I like expensive stuff
18 votes - I like older guys

By Oz on Wednesday 25th-December 2013 | Blog: #45
I would like to wish everyone who uses this website a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! I really appreciate the support you have all given this website. This year has been a good year for and hopefully 2014 will be even better.

Without people like you spreading the word and telling their friends about, this website would not continue to grow as fast. Thanks for all your support and please continue to spread the word.

By Oz on Sunday 2nd-June 2013 | Blog: #44
I hope everyone is happy with the new domain name. The reason for the name change was that some people had difficulty spelling "OzAdz". A voting poll was created and the majority of users preferred the name CrazyOz.

The Chat Forum has been upgraded too.

Thanks everyone for your support. Please continue to spread the word about and help the website grow! :-)
By Oz on Saturday 4th-May 2013 | Blog: #43
You wont get a reply if you don't try!
I’ve seen quite a few Personal adz that I’m sure wont ever get a reply, because they just don’t put enough effort into it. No one is going to reply to an ad with one line of text and no photo unless they have been rejected by all the good well written adz.

Add a photo to your ad.
As the saying goes, “A picture is worth 1000 words”, so if you have a photo of yourself, use it! You are more than 10 times more likely to get a reply ... Read More
By Oz on Friday 3rd-May 2013 | Blog: #23
Internet dating can be great fun if you're careful
Online dating is one of the best ways to meet people, because there are so many people doing it and you have so many people to choose from, so you have a better chance of meeting Mr/Mrs Right.

Most people who use Internet dating sites are good honest people, but you also get some dishonest people who will try to scam you out of money or just waste your time for fun. Here’s a list of ways to spot them.

If someone ... Read More
By Oz on Thursday 2nd-May 2013 | Blog: #11
Has your ad fallen down the list? It's easy to put it on the top of the list again. All you need to do is;

1) Click My Ad at the top of the page
2) Enter your ad number and password
3) Click Login
4) Click Preview
5) Click Submit

Your ad will now be on the top of the category list again!

You can do this again once six hours has passed to keep your ad in the top position!
By Oz on Wednesday 1st-May 2013 | Blog: #6
1) Check the price of other cars in the market. Do this by looking at various websites on the internet.

2) Don't buy the first car you see. Shop around, there are plenty of cars in the market but not enough money around, so don't part away with your money so easily.

3) Check the car thoroughly for wear and tear. Check the carpets, drivers seat, gear stick handle/cover, foot pedals, door panels and steering wheel for wear and tear. These parts will look well used or worn out on high mileage ... Read More