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By Oz on Thursday 16th-May 2019 | Blog: #6
This question is for people browsing CrazyOz personals. What is your marital status? And what are you looking for? Are you seeking a long term relationship or something a bit more casual? Please note ... Read More
By Oz on Wednesday 3rd-April 2019 | Blog: #5
We redesigned our CrazyOz homepage today. We will be making more changes to the website soon.

Do you prefer the new layout or do you prefer the previous homepage design? If you have any suggestion ... Read More
By Oz on Tuesday 2nd-April 2019 | Blog: #4
You wont get a reply if you don't try!
I’ve seen quite a few Personal adz that I’m sure wont ever get a reply, because they just don’t put enough effort into it. No one is going to reply ... Read More
By Oz on Monday 1st-April 2019 | Blog: #3
Internet dating can be great fun if you're careful
Online dating is one of the best ways to meet people, because there are so many people doing it and you have so many people to choose from, s ... Read More
By Oz on Sunday 31st-March 2019 | Blog: #2
1) Check the price of other cars in the market. Do this by looking at various websites on the internet.

2) Don't buy the first car you see. Shop around, there are plenty of cars in the market but n ... Read More
By Oz on Sunday 24th-June 2018 | Blog: #1
The web server was upgraded in the early hours of the morning today to cope with more traffic. The website is now a lot quicker than before. We also changed the website to HTTPS for the entire site wh ... Read More