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How to post an ad in the Sugar Daddy category

First post an ad in the personals section such as Men seeking women, then login using your user name and password and click on upgrade.

Sugar Daddy and Sugar Mummy Ads are not free.

The fee is in place to make sure only serious Sugar Daddies post adverts. The cost for a sugar daddy ad is £30 for 3 months and £65 for 10 months.

Escorts are not allowed to post in this section.

If you see any ads that ask for "money" or "financial help" in the Sugar Babe or Sugar Boy category, please report it and it will be deleted. People who want to get paid for dates should post in Escort Services.


Dating Terms for Rich Men and Rich Women

What is a Sugar Daddy?

A "Sugar Daddy" is a wealthy man (usually middle aged or older) who spends money freely on a younger woman in return for her companionship or intimacy.

What is a Sugar Mummy?

A "Sugar Mummy" is a wealthy woman (usually middle aged or older) who spends money freely on a younger man in return for his companionship or intimacy.

What is a Sugar Babe /Sugar Baby?

A "Sugar Babe" or "Sugar baby" is a young woman who dates rich and wealthy older men who spends money freely on her.

What is a Sugar Boy?

A "Sugar boy" is a young man who dates rich and wealthy older women who spends money freely on him.

What is a Sugar Dating?

"Sugar Dating" is when a wealthy older person seeks a younger partner to date or marry and spends money freely on their partner.

How to find rich men?

You can find rich men by visiting the Sugar Daddies section above.

How did the term "Sugar Daddy" originate?

The term "Sugar Daddy" originated in North America. It's quite common to see in Hollywood a young aspiring female actress date an older wealthy man (sugar daddy). The term "daddy" comes from the age difference between the couple and the term "sugar" comes from the sweetness of receiving gifts from the Sugar Daddy. Hence the term "Sugar Daddy".

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