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7th September 2019 - 23:02 | Brighton, Bn1 2gn | Age 39


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Call me Diamond. Hard, if not the hardest, strong, if not the strongest but still brittle. Multiple facets, making me unique, among all the gems.

Seductive, provocative, confident with a taste for fine lingerie, fine things and fine generous man. Elegant, sophisticated but do not take me wrong, behind doors, there are not etiquettes, you will have the sexually emancipated femme like, to talk openly about sexuality, sexual identity or if not for talks, do not worry, laid back and let me start by taking off your clothes.

I have a extremely high sexual drive, did I said high? Therefor is never too early, too late or too many. Yes, too many because, U can come on your own, or with mates, I told you behind doors there are no etiquettes. Sexually emancipated, I have no shocks left on me, I have no mercy, I take no prisoners, I mind business and my business, you and whatever comes with you is gonna end with jelly knees by the end of the session and dried out!

Always friendly and welcoming, chatty and naughty, erotic and sensual, playful and sexual 100% real and trust me here, unless you wanna leave, no one is gonna ask you to leave before your time is up, we can go for a second one, we can talk, we can play with each other or I can give you a taste of my massage but, You are welcome to stay, till the time is up!

Friendly and welcoming but in person, once I open the door and you made it, face to face cause, over the phone, I keep it professional, info, availability booking and is it. Not running an erotic line, I am not the 24/7 call if you drunk or bored, or when none of your friends, family answer your call cause they know your are drunk, high or bored. I am terribly sorry, specially for the genuine ones out there, I know you deserve more and will give it to you face to face but please try to understand, are SO many, every single day wasting our time and taking advantage, messing up with us and our earnings, this seems to be the only way to deal with the issue. Of course, once I know you, and I know who you are, is a total different history, only for the first time, do not let it put you off and, if happen for you, to come across one of those losers spoiling the fun for all of us, slap the C**t in the face with a flip flop for me.

Now ! I said Diamond and I did mention the multiple facets making me unique. I have being working on and off as independent escort for quiet long time now, maybe nymphomaniac, not sure, you try me and then let me know what do you think. Let’s go back on track, I was saying long time working, to know many of you just want a hot steamed NSA session of pure Sx, and you gonna get it, you only need to call. Some, want intimacy but no necessary sexual, for many different reasons and no one business, I got you babe, stay with me. A few of you, want something truly special, money is not an issue, come to mama sweetheart, I’m have something cooking for you.

Sparkling Diamond Services:

Sx, Sx, Sx that’s all your want, that’s what you will get but, from one of the bests !

I do it easy for you cause is how we like it, easy. In Call - 30m ( if that is what you want, that’s what your get ) £90. 1h £150, any additional hour after the first £100. Out Call 1h £200, any additional h £100 plus cabs, both way.

Without appointment, you call once on the area or 30m away. Do you prefer appointment, to be sure I am ready waiting for you? Not a problem, deposit required for confirmation, sorry but thanks again to the cute ones spoiling things for all of us. Is a must.

HnH sessions with the Highest and the Horniest Party Girl in town? from one hour, to overnight or weekend, first h £150, any additional h £100h. Intense sessions with little extra stimulation, perfect for the abandon, go with the flow, with me as companion in a caring and responsible manner, bullshit hun you book me and I will give show you real meaning of wild. Small casual, out of the blue, after hard day in the office sessions, I can have everything ready for you hourly plus £30.

Without appointment, you call once on the area or 30m away. Do you prefer appointment, to be sure I am ready waiting for you? Not a problem, deposit required for confirmation, sorry but thanks again to the cute ones spoiling things for all of us. Is a must.

Do not say to no one but, this next one, is my favourite and my signature service.

Only men, U + Mate /s. Bukake, 3some, GangBang special: boys night out, U+Mate, doing lines and in need a girl between for both of you to use, Football team, work colleagues, stag party, poker night, any reason is a good reason for me. Can travel or can host at mine. Party, 420, alcohol bring it on! But no, seriously, bring it hun. Each guess pays only one hour for a full session lasting a total of one hour per head plus complimentary extra hour on top cause I feel generous and love to give it all, or in this case, take you all. For obvious reasons, I can only accept card payments for this service.

Not just SX

FGE (Full Girlfriend Experience) love to be spoiled rotten, nothing turns me on more than a generous man treating me like a princess, take me shopping or sent me shopping while you are attending meetings, dinner, lunch or both, cocktails before theatre or show, then we go back to the hotel, where I can show you my appreciation for being so generous. Half day, full day, weekend up to you, for this one, I am daddy’s girl, you make the decisions and all the arrangements, you just tell me what time I am pick up! Roughly £100h, £1500 full day (24h) - deposit required specially if travelling p.

Perfect dinner date: in the city alone on business, feeling lonely, want a companion for any particular event. You want to meet me, to be sure I am the person you are looking for? Book your perfect date! you can pick me up or we can meet at your hotel bar or anywhere of your choice. Dress to impress, lots of personality, confident, elegant, sultry, sexy, done to perfection from head to toes, Charm and complicity £300 for first 3h, £100 any additional hour.

Travel assistance: Again you are travelling alone for business? That must make you feel very lonely, after a long day from meeting to meeting, lots of work and vey little fun? I can change this for you. Find me waiting at your hotel room or hotel You asked me to book for our meet, dress to impress you, holding your favourite drink and a hot bath ready for you to wash the busy day away, I will do your back, gently bath you and get you ready for a massage before dinner, out or in, your choice. I work within a budget, for all the preparations + my time. First h £200, additional hrs £100

Surprise, surprise, look at me, not just a pretty face, and still you not have idea what I am holding close to my chest.

Internationally qualified masseuse, Californian massage, holistic, Thai massage, tantric Practitioner.

Massage Services 4men

Erotic, sensual massage. Professional holistic massage with a twist, sexy lingerie, lots of warm oil, lots of body contact 1h £150 + optional hour of foreplay, intimacy and sexual relief £100 total £250 - Friday, Saturday & Sunday, between 10am and 5pm deal £200.

Tantric Massage. Intense body work, learning to activate, channel and boost your Sexual Energy or as we will say in Tantra, kundalini awakening. 1h 30 £200 or 2h £250 - Friday, Saturday & Sunday, between 10am and 5pm deal £200.

Available soon

Nuru massage or slippery body rub. Latex, slippery seaweed gel for stream body rub. 1h £150 + optional h intimacy, foreplay and sexual relief £100, total £250.- Friday, Saturday & Sunday, between 10am and 5pm deal £200.

Nuru kinky massage. Rubber latex hooded catsuit, blindfolds, light bondage,, teasing 1h £150 + optional h intimacy, foreplay and sexual relief £100, total £250.- Friday, Saturday & Sunday, between 10am and 5pm deal £200

Services 4couples.

Tantric for couples: initiation to tantric, Learn bases of Tantra and how to enhance your sexual routine, life. Boost your and yours partners libido and sexual desire, sexual energy awakening and how to benefit from it. Built strong links with your partner. Practical workshop of three hours demonstrating and putting in practise, basic massage movements and phrases for him and for her. As a tantric practitioner, I have many years of experience and practice. I carefully structured Tantric 4 couples workshops to be fun, practical, easy to comprehend and digest avoiding as possible tantric philosophy complexity by westernising those for a better comprehension - let’s have fun life is already too serious - 3h session, £200 per person. Mine intervention is just a facilitator, guiding you with practical demonstration and asistance to each one of you with your practise.

Tantric 4Swingers. Once a month or every other month, among all the couples attending the workshops, between 3 to 4couples would be invited to participate in Tantric 4Swingers. Each couple will have their own sacred space, under my guidance, couples will performed a tantric ceremony, at some point, couple will have the opportunity to exchange partners with other couples if desired the ceremony is performed blindfolded for the most part of it, to be invited, couples must had complete a course of three sessions. Open your mind, spread your wings and allow your body to be on his pure energy form - 5h session £200 per person (£400 for couple)
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