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29th May 2023 - 11:43 | London, Stratford | Age 40

KIK : TaskMaster2003


Which of these foreplay acts arouses you most intensely?

kissing your neck,

sensual massages,

soft sensual kissing,


breast and nipple sucking,

hair pulling,

hand on your throat,

having a tongue flicked gently over your asshole, licking the rim and then pushed deep into it,

being pinned face first against the bedroom wall and the words..."your ass is mine and i am going to fuck it really hard, without mercy" whispered intensely into your ear?


The H&L Super Wand has a speed of 8000 rotations per minute....for this play, you would be restrained and blindfolded with the remote controlled vibrating butt plug in your ass and the wand vibrating at high speed held to your clit to force orgasms!
The last girl to try it had multiple orgasms within 10 minutes. Can you beat that? There is only one way to find out!


Any D/s relationship begins in the Mind...and it's supposed to be a marathon, not a sprint. Anal Sex, which is a very intimate act, is no different.

I like the build up of anticipation and trust – I believe that establishes a deep connection which ultimately makes the act itself very satisfying to both parties; even bordering, at times, on an intense feeling that only the two involved can explain!

Anal Sex can produce intense pleasurable sensations if done right...yet it can result in pain if it's not done properly, mainly due to inexperience, use of wrong lube, lack of communication and the girl not being able to relax.

I am looking for a girl who wants to experience the exquisite sensations of anal sex but afraid or embarrassed to try it? Or has tried it before and not enjoyed it....or maybe simply wants to add to her enjoyment of it?

I am a Dominant professional black gentleman experienced in introducing anal virgins to being fucked. Absolutely the best if you're a complete anal virgin; I love being the first to lick and eat your ass out and then gently press a lubed finger and a lubed toy into your tight ass for the very first time.

Embarrassment, anxiety, nervousness or being shy is ok. I'm good at calming nerves and it's one of the reasons I like anal virgins! I'm firm and can guide you while still being kind and playful. Let me show you how it feels! When you are comfortable with it, we will move on to actual anal intercourse!

This is how i go about it..:

We will start by going out for dinner

When we get indoors afterwards, you will strip to your bra and thong and go over my knee. I will spank you while I sensually rub your pussy through the the thong. You will then have a warm bath or shower...to relax you and your muscles.

When you step out of the shower, you will come and lie face down on the bed, and I will lick your ass for 30-45 mins. Yes I enjoy doing that.

I will then lube my finger (and your ass) and insert it gently.. knuckle by knuckle.. until it's all in. I will be checking with you as I do i as to how it feels inside you.

Remember RELAXATION, COMMUNICATION AND LOTS AND LOTS OF ANAL LUBE are key to enjoyable anal play.

I will repeat the process until you are comfortable with one finger. We will then move on to two fingers, with even more lube and inserted much more slowly . We will repeat that until you are comfortable with two fingers.

Then it will be time for the anal beads, inserted one by one..(see the attached pic). Lots of lube will be used as usual. After the beads will come the remote controlled vibrating butt plug which will also be inserted gently with lube and kept in for 10mins.

Once you complete this stage, you should be ready for my cock.... but before that you will be restrained and blindfolded..and with the butt plug vibrating inside you, I will hold the vibrating wand to your clit to force orgasms.

When this is done, the restraints and blindfold will come off, you will bend over with your face in the pillows, shoulders on the bed and ass in the air.

I will apply a generous amount of lube on your ass and my condom-clad cock, and proceed to insert it very gently, inch by inch, until it's all in.

And I will withdraw it gently and go back in slowly . Just a note here, the girls say the entry bit is the tricky bit...but once it's all in it's pure bliss.

I will gradually increase the pace and depth of the penetration once you are used to the sensations.

I have an extensive collection of toys and BDSM equipment to make it an unforgettable fun experience.

YOU MUST ENJOY DRESSING UP IN LEATHER JACKET, LEATHER MINI SKIRT, LINGERIE AND HEELS....have a look at the pic of the bed....taken just before a session. You will have a choice of a thong and bra set, leather jacket, leather mini skirt and a pair of ankle boots (with heels)


100% Owner
100% Dominant
100% Rigger
100% Master/Mistress
100% Daddy/Mommy
100% Primal (Hunter)
88% Degrader
87% Experimentalist
79% Ageplayer
72% Sadist
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