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I work as an escort but my family think I’m a waitress

Posted over a year ago | London, Holloway

Hello. I am studying at University to be a psychologist. I’m blonde but not a bimbo. I’m quite the opposite as a matter of fact. My IQ is higher than average (135).

Getting a student loan and into into debt had me stressed. I lost my job as a waitress last summer. One of my friends from Uni was working as a pole dancer and part time escort. She told me that she only does escorting some times but the money is really good. I’m a lot prettier than her so I thought maybe I could get more money and it sounded like easy money too. I thought if I do it a few times, I can make some money, pay my debt off and get out of the business.

The problem is that the money is too good to give up. It’s addictive making good money. I never want to be broke again. Student fees are stupidly expensive now. My older brother went to University for free. I can’t stand Tony Blair, he is the person who scraped free University and ruined the lives of so many young people who want a better life for themselves. I don’t know how he can sleep at night. We had no business in Iraq either! I am ranting now, sorry.

My family have no idea about what I do. They think I’m working as a waitress in a restaurant and the money I get is from tips from rich people. If they found out I was doing escorting, they would be so upset. I would break their heart. I don’t have a boyfriend at the moment, because I just feel so empty inside.
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