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My husband changed after we married

Posted over a year ago | London, Hampstead

I have been married to my husband for two years now. When I first met him, he was very generous. He used to take me to expensive restaurants in the West End of London. We would often go to the Theatre and he would always buy us front seat tickets. He would take me shopping in classy places like Mayfair. He would buy me designer clothes every weekend. We would often go on holiday to the south of France. He would often go to the gym to keep in shape. I had a wonderful life with him when I was his girlfriend. My mistake was marrying him. He has totally changed.

Now he has stopped going to the gym. He has gotten himself a big beer belly. He drinks all the time. I tell him to stop, but he will not listen to me, he just carries on drinking. I often ask him to take me out, but he just doesn’t want to anymore. Rather than take me out he often goes down to the pub or sits in front of the TV or plays his silly Playstation. We hardly ever go on holiday anymore and he has become stingy too. He is no longer trying to impress me. Last Valentine’s Day he worked over time and came home at 11pm. We had a big argument and I accused him of cheating, but his boss told me that he really did work late that night. However I’m still very upset that he didn’t take me out on Valentine’s Day or even buy me any gift. He used to always surprise me with gifts.

I’m really fed up with him now. I don’t want a divorce just yet. I want to give him a chance to change to his old self, but I'm not sure if he will. Can anyone offer any advice on dealing with him?
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