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I suspect my neighbour damaged my car

Posted over a year ago | London, London

I live in a block of flats where everyone shares the same private car park. There is no set parking spaces, so anyone can park anywhere. There is one guy that everyone hates that always parks in the same spot. Recently I started to park in his spot when it was convenient. But the other day, I noticed my car was scratched with a key or some other metal object on the front wing and bumper and the number plate was pulled off the car too.

I am 99% sure it’s my neighbour that everyone hates that damaged my car. He is always causing problems with the neighbours. He’s is an unreasonable low life who talks like a gangster. As there is only one low life in the flats, I assume it was him who damaged my car. He was probably upset with me parking in his so called spot. I wouldn’t have parked there if I knew he was going to damage my car. When he does park his car, he takes up two car spots too, because he doesn’t want anyone to park next to him. He is a selfish arsehole.

As no one saw my rotten neighbour do anything and there are no cameras in the car park to see who did it, I am not 100% sure he did it, but who else could it have been? The car park is only for residence, members of the public can not get in.

I’m kind of fighting with myself on what to do. I think to myself, "It has to be that scumbag that did it, I’ll just do the same to him. No, I will do much worse to his car! I will key every panel on the car, pull two number plates off, and smash his windows too! I'll teach him a lesson for damaging my car."

I have thoughts about confronting him and if he talks to me disrespectfully, I would have a good excuse to beat the hell out of him. I have so many wild thoughts about how to get revenge.

Then I think more about it and think, "Don’t do anything, you don’t know for sure who has done it and it will escalate. Do positive things, not negative things. What goes around, comes around. If you do good stuff, good stuff will come back to you. If you do bad stuff, bad stuff will come back to you. Someone else will sort him out, let them deal with him. You have a good life now, why ruin it by getting caught damaging someone else's property and escalating the problem?"

I asked management to get cameras in the car park. What would you do?
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