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I enjoy putting people down

Posted over a year ago | London, Chelsea

I’m a self made millionaire, well my wife has been with me and I made the money with her, but she’s daft and I tell her that we wouldn’t have anything if it wasn’t for me, basically my brain made the money. My wife is just a brainless work horse, she doesn’t deserve anything really other than food. This is a man’s world for a reason, men are superior to women.

I get a thrill out of saving money. Sometimes my wife wants to buy things but I’ve mentally enslaved her that she will not go against my will when I say no to her. I only buy things that increase in value, a house is better than a car, because it increases in value. I still like my flash cars though, I plan on buying a second hand classic Rolls Royce because a new one would lose too much value after the first purchase.

Sometimes I get a thrill out of saying I will buy stuff for people then I don’t do it. My grandson asked me for an iPad and I told him yes, then when he saw me again, I said no and he started to cry. I didn’t care though, because when I was younger, the same thing happened to me. I really wanted to buy a wrist watch and no one bought it for me. I think it’s good for people to suffer and they can see how I suffered growing up.

I told my daughter to go to University and I said I would pay for her too, because I didn’t think she’d try to do it, she’s too stupid, but when she got serious about it and she wanted me to pay for her fees, I told her straight, no! She was so upset, she started to cry too. I told her that she can use my money when I’m dead, that’s when, but while I’m alive, it’s MY money and she can’t spend any of it. I made all my money myself and it belongs to me! She’s old enough to look after herself, why should I even give her a penny?

I also get a thrill out of making people jealous of my possessions. I tell everyone about all the stuff I own, I enjoy talking about my property in London and Spain. I especially like talking to people who are considerably poorer than me, I get a thrill out of being more financially well off.

If I see someone wearing something expensive like expensive sun glasses or an expensive watch, I usually call them out and say their stuff is a cheap market knock off. I enjoy winding people up. I met some guy the other day who had a brand new 2019 Bentley convertible and I said to him, I bet your house hasn’t even got a flush toilet, Borat! He asked me who I was and I said, “I’m someone who is considerably richer than you son shine”, hahaha!
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