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I’m a single woman who enjoys dating married men

Posted over a year ago | London, Islington

I’m a 34 year old woman and believe me when I say it’s very hard to find a quality single man my age. Nearly all single men around my age are losers. So I prefer to be swept off my feet by married men. Married men are usually of a high standards - that’s why they are married, someone thought they were good enough to marry.

It’s much easier to find a high quality married man than a high quality single man. It’s like there are no quality single men around my age at all. They have all been snapped up. Going out with a married man also makes me feel special. I feel like I am better than their wives. If the married guy I am dating has a really good job, nice car and a house, in the back of my mind I am hoping he will fall in love with me and leave his wife. If it doesn’t work out, it’s not a problem, I just enjoy my time together with them.

Married men know how to treat a woman on a date, they won’t cheap out and expect me to pay half like some cheapskate single guy with no job (yuk!). They usually have a car they can pick me up in and drive me home in. I’m done with single men who look decent but expect me to go halves on a cheap date at Wetherspoons or some other cheap bar or restaurant. So many single men are jobless too and they wonder why they are single!

I’d rather go out by myself than meet anymore losers that want me to pay half the dinner bill. I’m not sexist but I think a bloke should be a bloke and a bird should be a bird. Men are meant to treat women, it’s not meant to be other way around.

If single men that were around my age weren’t such losers, I’d like to settle down with one, but until then I will keep dating married men hoping to win Mr Right. If the wives of these men treated their husband better, they wouldn’t be coming to me for comfort. Don’t blame me for your husband straying, blame yourself, bitches! Hahaha!
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