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Fisting a Friend

28th May 2023 - 13:19 | London, London

I was working as a consultant in London and the company I was placed with were unbelievably boring. One of my Co- workers suggested a drink and I thought it was a bonding thing with others, however, when I arrived only she was there. She laughed and agreed that the others were anything but social! After a few drinks she told me she was a single mother and had not ‘been with anyone’ for over 5 years as following the birth of her son, she had never felt ‘full’ during sex. I joked and suggested she finds someone who enjoyed fisting. Her eyes lit up as she explained that she had arrived at the very same conclusion. We carried on chatting for a while longer and both left slightly giddy. The next day she left me a post it note giving me her address and asking if I was willing to do what I had suggested the night before. 8 hours later I arrived at her flat. Her son was in bed and she led me to her own room. She told me she was very nervous but needed to see if this would satisfy her -as nothing else did. She undressed in front of me and I followed suit. She was mid 30s with dark brown hair and big brown eyes and quite pretty. I told her to lie on her back and open her legs wide. I began fingering her and discovered she was already very wet. She explained that she had been thinking about this all day. I slipped a single finger insider her pussy, then 2, 3,4 and 5. She had put a bottle of lubricant on the bedside table which I used to ease things further. She wasn’t as loose as I had thought she might be, and getting past my knuckles was far from easy. I preserved until my hand was fully inside her and judging by her reaction- she loved it. I rubbed and licked her clit and could feel the muscles in her thighs begin to tense up and I knew she was close. I heard a deep moan as she climaxed and I sucked on her clit as little aftershocks rippled through her body. Getting my hand out was much easier and we both lay back and laughed. She took me in her mouth and sucked me until I emptied myself on her face. We both showered and I went home. We did this at least once a week over the next 9 months until my contract ended. She met someone new and wanted a LTR so we stopped doing our thing. She told me he was a lovely guy but his hands were like shovels lol
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