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Period Pain Relief

2nd July 2022 - 20:31 | London, London

I had a small business in London but my admin skills were poor so I hired a temp through an agency to help sort everything out. She was 25 with dark Mediterranean looks, very pretty and a single parent. She was brilliant, very organised and very friendly. After a couple of weeks she turned up but said she would have to return home as she was suffering from very severe period pains. She had tried paracetamol and hot water bottle but the pain was still bad. She said a previous boyfriend had massaged her abdomen and this had really helped. I nervously offered to give it a go but I was very wary about overstepping the mark. She cleared a bench and took off her skirt. She was wearing dark tights and light blue cotton panties- very mumsy! She lay on her back and assured her I would stop the moment she asked me to. She guided my hand just beneath her belly button and I began to gently massage her. I could feel myself becoming aroused - not helped by the fact that her nipples were now obvious through her top. I brushed the waistband of her panties and half expected her to say something- but she just smiled. I was contemplating how ‘low’ I could go when she took my hand again and guided it between her legs and said ‘around here please’ I took the hint and slowly and rhythmically rubbed her through her tights and panties until I felt her thigh muscles tense up and she climaxed hard.she smiled again and said that in her experience this was the only way to relieve period pain. We laughed and she got dressed and got back to work. We did the same 3/4 times a month during her period and continued even whilst she had a boyfriend. We never progressed to full sex but she was happy at being naked from the waist down so it would have been rude not to use my tongue too. She complained that most men were either too shy or too squeamish when a woman was on her period, however, this was when she was always at her horniest. Who was I to argue?
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