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Ritualised Spanking

7th April 2024 - 9:09 | London, London

I had worked at a company for a few years in London and my work took my out and about to meet clients. Most were boring and I couldn’t wait to get away, however, one woman was always friendly and I always looked forwards to seeing her. I received a text saying she was working from home and if I was happy to meet her there instead of the office. It was an easier journey for me so I gladly agreed. She was as friendly as ever and after discussing business we sat chatting about life in general. As she went to make another cup of tea I noticed a riding crop tucked down the side of a chair. When she came back I joked asking her if she had ridden any winners recently. She was really embarrassed and blushed badly. I I told her I was only joking but I realised that there was more to this than met the eye. I jokingly asked her if she had anything she wanted to confess. To my utter amazement she said that her previous boyfriend had been into spanking and had used this as a means of punishing her for various transgressions. She had enjoyed the spanking but the riding crop was too painful but he insisted on it and and this was the reason behind their eventual split. I was amazed at her candour and wasn’t quite sure what to say. She told me that she had been spanked throughout her life and that she found it genuinely cathartic and it was the only thing she missed about her ex. I had a rush of courage and adrenalin and told her that if ever she was in need, she only had to ask. She immediately told me that she had been in need for 3 months and craved a hard over the knee session. I nervously moved back on the sofa and motioned her to get over my knee. She was wearing a long jumper and leggings and I was so nervous I could almost hear my heart beating! I pulled up her jumper and she instructed me that the first few strokes she be through her leggings, then through panties, then they should be lowered to the knees, then the ankles - then removed completely. After 15 minutes of increasingly hard strokes, I was bathed in sweat and her cheeks were glowing red. She stood up and left the room, returning with a tub of E45 cream which she asked me to apply. Naturally, my fingers slipped and she was fully satisfied in no time at all. This became our routine for every meeting and continues once a month to this day.
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