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Medically examined during her period

23rd January 2023 - 19:38 | London, London

A previous girlfriend asked me to accompany her to the doctor as she was getting a nagging pain in her groin. She was expecting her usual doctor - a female - - but was greeted by a middle aged male doctor. She had just started her period the day before but had decided not to cancel the appointment as there was a 3 week waiting list. She knew that at this time of the month everything was super sensitive and when the doctor instructed her to remove her tampon to conduct an internal examination she knew he could tell she was incredibly aroused. She said he spent a long time internally ‘examining’ he and asked her lots of questions regarding her sexual history and preferences. Towards the end he ‘accidentally’ brushed her clitoris causing her to climax very obviously - to the point she actually apologised. He laughed and said it was not uncommon for women to orgasm during such examinations. She found it so arousing that we regularly included this in our role play scenarios.
Im male, 50, 5’10” fit, clean attractive and discreet, with a smooth physique, broad shoulders and short hair. Might this appeal to you?
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