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Retired Masseur but I can’t escape my past

16th July 2024 - 7:02 | London, London

I trained as a masseur many years ago and it’s fair to say that I had a lot of fun. I only ever responded to a woman’s overt requests and never made the first move myself. A change of career changed everything and I had not practiced for years. A woman in my office mentioned that she had pulled a muscle in her back and despite strong painkillers, was still in agony. Another guy joked that I should take her into the medical room and sort her out- with plenty of innuendo. I blushed and declined, however, she was genuinely in a great deal of pain and said she could not even drive home. Against my better judgment, I offered to see if I could help. She begged me to do so and we headed to the medical room as virtually everyone else was leaving to go home. She removed her jumper and lay face down on the bench. It was obvious where her back muscles had gone into spasm and I knew I could improve things. I tried to massage her through her bra but it was difficult. She sensed this and told me to unclip it. I did so and continued to massage her lower back. She removed her bra ( totally unnecessarily) and pulled down her leggings to reveal her bum cheeks. I was very nervous as I could feel myself becoming aroused and it was becoming obvious. She told me it was helping and that I should go lower and she would tell me when to stop. The more I massaged the lower she lowered her leggings until they were on her thighs. I could see her labia from behind and as she moved I was sure she was grinding herself against the bench. I touched her inner thigh at which she simply said ‘ At last- that took long enough’ I slipped one and then two fingers between her legs and inside her. I fingered her gently as she continued to grind herself against the bench. I felt her thighs go tense as she came hard then slumped on the bench - exhausted. She looked at the bulge in my pants and told me that she wanted to thank me. At that point we heard noises outside which totally killed the moment. I drove home with a raging erection and had a very relaxing shower! Massaging her in the medical room became a weekly thing!
Im male, 52, 5’10” fit, clean attractive and discreet, with a smooth physique, broad shoulders and short hair. Might this appeal to you?
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