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Lycra Lover

2nd July 2022 - 7:47 | London, London

In my humble opinion, the wheel is not the greatest invention- Lycra is! I adore the way in which hugs the curves of a woman and the way in which swimming costumes, leotards etc gets into every nook and cranny. I had a work colleague who discovered my fascination and joked that she would let me see her collection. After a few drinks at s leaving party she suggested she put on a show for me. We went back to hrs and I waited nervously in the living room as she changed. She emerged wearing a simple but tight white swimming costume with her nipples popping through. My jaw nearly hit the floor as I had only ever seen her in business attire prior to that. She asked me what I thought and I told her she looked unbelievably good! She laughed and told me that she was not going to take it off but I was welcome to admire it up close. I gently caressed her small firm breasts and her reaction confirmed she was enjoying it as much as I was. I sucked on her nipples whilst slowly running a finger between her legs. She then sat on the sofa and guided my head between her thighs and I began eating her through the thin material. I could taste her immediately as she pushed my face into her. She told me that she had a long term partner but he was not keen on performing oral sex on her so this was the first time she had experiences it in years. She told me to lie on my back and then straddled my face and lowerred herself onto
My mouth. She began to ride my mouth until I felt the muscles in her thighs contract as she climaxed hard. We both lay there for a few minutes giggling like teenagers. As I helped her to her feet she could see my obvious erection and apologised that we were not going to have full sex. I explained that was not a problem but I could feel my sticky cock needing relief. She knelt in front of me, unzipped my trousers and released my cock. She told me she wanted me to cum all over her swimming costume and massage it in. After so much foreplay doing something I had craved for years, it did not take long before I was shooting a big load onto her Lycra covered breasts. I scooped some off and began rubbing it between her legs where her labia were very visible. We kissed and I felt her cum again, but this time not as intensely as the first. We continued to work together for the following 5 years and during that time she amassed a collection of swimming costumes, leotards and body suits. Believe it or not, we never had full intercourse but rather we did a variation on what I have already described. At work we maintained our professional relationship and nobody guessed our secret.this was simply a secret corner of our lives that allowed us to indulge our mutual
Love of Lycra. Strangely, the fact that we knew we were not going to have full sex made it even more erotic. I’m 51, white,5’11” slim, fit, friendly and clean. I have a smooth body and broad shoulders with close cropped hair. If I have whetted your appetite ( pun intended) please let me know.
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