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Introduced to giving a Yoni Massage

23rd September 2021 - 9:09 | London, London

In my youth I used to swim competitively. Our team were not particularly successful but were all good friends. We all suffered injuries at some point and one girl had recurring shoulder and hip injuries. One afternoon she rang me to say she was in a lot of pain and the muscles around her hip and buttocks had gone into spasm. She said the guy we used as a physio was away on holiday and asked if I could help out. She was slim and muscular with broad shoulders for a girl and slim hips. When I got there she was dressed in her tracksuit but was clearly in pain. She led me into a spare bedrooms and gave me a bottle of olive oil as she was super sensitive to other oils. She stripped off and I was amazed to see her in white cotton bra and panties as I had only ever seen her in her tracksuit and one piece swimming costume. She had small boobs and a bum that was small and very pert. I laughed and told her I felt a bit awkward but she reassured me that it would all be fine. She slipped off her bra and lay face down on a towel. I could see her nipples were erect . I beg and at their neck, worked down through her shoulders, down her back and onto her bum cheeks. She told me to take her panties off and told me not to be frightened of hurting her as i needed to release the tension in her muscles. I knelt either side of her legs and began to stretch the muscles of her bum cheeks. As I spread them the sight was gorgeous and I became fully hard in no time. She opened her legs slightly and I could just see her labia . She said I needed to massage her perineum - the area between her vagina and rectum but to do so gently and rhythmically. I was blushing like mad but did as instructed . She instructed me further in how hard to massage her and exactly what to do. I accidentally touched her labia with the tip of my fingers and immediately apologised to her. She laughed and told me that I was doing well and I should continue and she would let me know if she wanted me to stop. I could hear a gentle squelching noise from her pussy and I noticed that as I massaged her perineum she ground herself into the towel. She began to let out little moans and I decided to be brave. I told her to turn over - which she did immediately. Her body was totally smooth and tight. She slipped a pillow under her thighs and parted her legs and told me that I would now have much better access. I resumed my work on the perineum then traced me finger down her labia. She shuddered and whispered ‘ that’s nice’ as I continued to do so and gently rubbed her clitoris then slipped a finger inside her. As I withdrew it she told me to lick it clean. I asked her if she meant my finger of her pussy she replied ‘both’ - I needed no more encouragement and I began to lick her whilst using my thumbs in her perineum. I felt her muscular thighs tighten as she approached climax and then as she came hard she clamped them hard around my head. I’m not sure if it was her strangling me with her thighs or the fact we had only ever been friends until that point but I was more turned on than ever before. She rubbed me through my tracksuit bottoms and told me to take it out. She stroked me vigorously and in no time at all I was shooting my seed all over her smooth toned body. We both lay back and laughed nervously. We showered and agreed that we needed to keep it a secret as our coach had forbidden relationships between team members. For the next 2 years this massage session became a weekly event and she explained that it was actually known as a Yoni Massage and lots of women climax involuntarily during the procedure. I became very adept and she told me it gave her the most intense orgasms ever. I’m now 49 5’11” slim, fit, friendly and clean. I have a smooth body and broad shoulders with close cropped hair. If I have whetted your appetite ( pun intended) please let me know.
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