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Confession - Losing my virginity

Posted over a year ago | London, West London

Many years ago I left my family home and moved to London at the age of 18 to study at university. While at home I had not had a girl friend and was still a virgin. I hoped at university to 'get laid' as they say.

The fact was I was never very interesting to girls. When I used to go to parties or dos to meet girls I would talk to some attractive girl I fancied and usually she would just ignore me as if I hadn't said anything.

All the girls at university went out with older men who weren't poor students. They had jobs and cars and flats or houses. Student girls were not interested in student boys the same age.

By the time I was 19 I was bursting with sexual frustration and still a virgin. Then one day on the radio I heard them talking about the problem of prostitutes hanging around the streets near Kings Cross and of curb crawlers. I got very excited by this and decided to investigate.

I visited there after dark and found in fact that there were lines of attractive young women standing along the streets opposite Kings Cross station. I walked around the block a few times and passed by them on the opposite side, slyly watching them through the corner of my eye. There were a lot of very attractive youngish women there. A lot of them were black and very sexy.

After a few passes I turned the corner of a back street and walked close by a tall black girl and a short black girl. The tall one had seen my antics and knew exactly what I wanted. She stepped forwards in a very friendly way and began to chat me up and encourage me to do 'business'.

At this point I was exploding with lust and in a physically excited state. To her irritation I asked to go with her shorter but very pretty friend. As the two were friends she was alright about it and didn't get too angry. The picture below is of a model who looks a lot like her.

She called herself Tracy. She said she was 21, three years older than me. She led me around the corner to the bottom of a well-lit stair well in a block of flats where the was a dirty damp mattress used by the girls. I paid her, I can't remember how much, a few tens of pounds I couldn't really afford, but 'needs must' as they say. We had sex various ways and I enjoyed myself a lot and felt much better. She was very generous and kind to me. It was like having a weight lifted off my shoulders. I will never hear any bad thing said against women who work in this profession. Many of them are the largest characters, biggest-hearted, warmest women you will ever meet.

I really fancied Tracy and often still think of her decades later. Sadly I never dared venture down those streets again at night. It just seemed too risky.

Amazingly many years later I got a job just around the corner from where this happened and actually found myself walking past the very block of flats on my way to work every morning. Nowadays it is all gated in with security and cameras, nothing like that could happen now on those premises. Even so I used to get a warm smile every time I walked past it.
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