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intermixing with other races

Posted over a year ago | London, London

I don't know how to do this but I just want to reply to the person who says that all black peole are coconuts and crawlers just for mixing with other races.

It seems to me that you are the racist here, all you see is the colour of peoples skin and don’t see the person at all. We are all the same under the skin we are all human beings and want and need the same things. Some people do bad things but mingling with other races surely is a good thing, then we realise that we are all the same. Some people you can get on with others you can’t, nothing to do with their ethnicity.

I am white but I don’t hate black people some are nice and some are not, same goes for white people, Asian or oriental.

Look for the person inside don't prejudge or categorize people just on their ethnicity.
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