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I enjoy treating woman extremely badly

13th November 2021 - 18:47 | Manchester, Manchester.

Have you ever seen American Psycho? Or in fact any film where the protagonist leads some sort of secret double life? Well that’s me.

I used to work in a female dominated environment, where to a certain extent I was treated like ‘one of the girls’. But, and not even deep down, I simply wanted to strip them all naked, slap them around, and treat them all like inferior animals.

There would be times where I would arrive at work and they would ask if I had a good evening or weekend and I would reply with a non-threatening reply with “I watched football etc etc”. I guess if I replied with “I used a sub as a toilet, spanked her hard, slap or her about, spat on her etc etc’ well, that wouldn’t have gone down well.

I’m guess that I’m a functioning misogynist. I can do the 9-5 easily without coming across as an violent oddball. but in today’s society maybe I am. I enjoyed being viewed as ‘one of them’, hearing what they felt, their views, well it helped me connect with actual submissives who thought that I was sensitive to their needs - that this sensitive guy was so in-tune to them that they let me do practically what I wanted to do to them. That they relented their limits to accommodate me.

My colleagues felt at ease around me - forgetting at times to pull down their skirt up around me or forgetting that their blouse sagged open revealing more flesh. I loved it.

It doesn’t matter how attractive or ugly they are, or how old they are or how fat or thin they are I simply enjoy using them as mere objects.

I don’t want to listen to their life story, I simply want to see them feeling humiliated, degraded and outright ashamed that they enjoy feeling this way.

The point of this? Well actually there isn’t one. I’ve never told anyone, that as a quite and unassuming administrator I want to hear the submissive cries of a consenting woman.
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