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Fucked like a slag on a job interview

Posted over a year ago | London, Folkestone

Hi there....

So I was in folkestone again last week.
Got two stories
I have started looking for old guys with fetishes and kinks because it seems whenever I put an ad on, i get replies from guys that just pretend they share my kinks.
One old guy was into smelling my pussy and wanted to film me gushing into my panties.
He was nearly 80 and it was so fucking horny and so fucking dirty
That story later.

This one first.
Didn't want the job but I'd heard about this place from a guy I was chatting to and what an old pervert this Bill was so I decided to check it out for myself.

I got to the club at two, and was met my an old guy in his late 60s, I'm Bill he said, its my club.
There were a few old guys walking off in there pawing at a few younger girls in there 20s.

Come in he said and i followed him into his office.
To be honest your a bit to old to be on the floor he said, we really only employ birds in there 20s.
I stifled a smile and said ok and got up.
Hold up darling he said.
I do have a vacany for a back room girl, its better money but you do have to be a bit more openminded.
How much better money i asked.
Its £100 a night minimum, you interested.

I am i told him.
Stand up and let me look at you darling.
I could feel his old eyes undressing me.
"Nice" he said
His hands went through my hair and down to my shoulders
Turn around he said
Yere, lovely arse you have there and he started to grope it, i mean really grope it, i could feel his old fingers separating my cheeks.
I turned round and he grabbed my tits.
Fucking lovely darling, i like an older bird myself, more experienced he said.
He moved forward and stuck his tongue in my mouth.
i couldn't help it, i recoiled in horror.
You don't want the work darling, theres 20 that do, so fuck off eh.
I apologised lying quickly and saying i didn't want to cough in his face.
You any good at sucking cock then ? he asked with the dirtiest smirk i have ever seen
I nodded silently, ashamed but a bit exited as well.
His hand went to my head and pushed me to my knees
Unzip me he said.
He hadn't washed and smelt like he had just had a piss, but he didn't care.
I closed my eyes and put it in my mouth.
He lay back on his desk and proceeded to fuck my face, the more i gagged the more he liked it.
After what seemed like an hour he pulled it out and told me to stand up.
His hand went to my skirt and he turned me round so i was now bending over his desk.
I felt his old hands lifting my skirt up and then his fingers pushing my knickers inside me.
He opened my bum cheeks up and put his finger in it, he pulled it out spat on it and then pushed it in hard.
Stay there he ordered and i heard a top being taken off a bottle
i looked round and he was taking off a cap of smooth silk lube.
His middle finger went up my snatch and he started to finger me, his other finger was going into my arse hole.
His other hand was up under my t-shirt grabbing my tits.
Im going to put this in you, but I'm not going to cum ok he said.
I nodded.
I felt his cock go into my pussy and his hands pulling my hips into him.
Cunt Cunt Cunt he said to himself....and pushed it really deep into me and just kept it there while he groped my boobs.
He pulled out and started to push it into my bum.
I couldn't believe i was letting him do this...i was of course, i needed the money so badly.
The next thing i knew he was up my bum, fuck thats tight he said, you don't get fucked there to often eh darling ?
I just shook my head trying not to cry.
Two more minutes of his old cock fucking my arse.
Turn round he gasped
OPEN he ordered again and stuck his cock down my throat
SUCK he ordered and i felt him start to explode down my throat.
I gagged and started to pull away.
STAY THERE he said.... suck the middle of my cock softly and drink it all.
I did.

Ok darling, you got the job.
See you tomorrow at two, don't be late.
With that he left.
I looked at myself in the toilet mirror, make up all over my face and some spunk in my hair (some how ?)

I called when i got back and told him I'd changed my mind.
He must have thought I was mental lol

I might do a shift there just to tick another thing off my to do list.
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