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Fucked like a slag.

Posted over a year ago | Kent, Folkestone

Had to change a few things here.
Guy was married
His wife and another couple were all at the hotel

"Old man into natural smells, happy to reward"

That was the advert I replied to.
How old was my first question.
78 he replied.

Absolutely perfect I told him.
He didn't believe me to start with but after a very naughty phone call that changed lol.
Told him I'd be at that hotel wednesday evening and we arranged to meet outside at 6.

He had asked me not to put on any deodorants or perfume as he was allergic to them.
Obviously after we had spoke the day before I knew that wasn't the real reason.
I had gone for a long walk before meeting him and had got quite sweaty.
Those folkestone hills are something else.

So we met outside, a quick hello and we went to my room.

He told me he didn't have a lot of time so I said no problem.
Excused myself saying I was going to the bathroom and he asked if he could film me having a wee.
In for a penny I thought.

Sure I told him
Can you piss through your panties he asked.
His phone came out and he pulled my gusset to one side.
I squatted over the toilet and his fingers were rubbing my pussy lips as I was going.
When I finished we went to the bedroom.
I dropped my panties and he picked them up and sniffed them.
Sweaty he said.
Yes I told him, I told him I had to run to get to the hotel on time for our meeting not that I was walking around getting sweaty for him to smell me.

That's fine he said.
I layed back on the bed and he opened my legs and smelt me so hard I nearly exploded.
He licked and smelt me for about 10 minutes.
Let me massage you he said.
I layed on my tummy and got a 30 second massage lol before he grabbed my hips and pulled me up onto all fours.
I felt his nose burrowing between my arse cheeks.
Then smelling then licking.

Don't move he said and his trousers came off.
He went back to my arse.
It felt like his tongue would go inside me arse.
I'm sure it did.
I was writhing in pleasure and pushing my crouch into his face.

He was wanking violently as he smelt me.
His phone came back out and he took a few more pics of me up on all fours then a few as his fingers were opening up my cheeks and pussy.

I started to strum and asked him if he minded if I came.
Are you going to gush he asked.
If you want I told him.
Can you do it on camera he asked lol.

If you want I told him
He was paying after all and I loved the fact I was expected to fulfill a service for him as agreed.

He pulled a pair of panties out and gave them to me
I half put them on
I squatted down
I sat him on the bed and started to suck his cock while I was fingering myself.

I caught myself in the mirror
0n my haunches
Knickers round my knees strumming while I was sucking off a 78 year old man.
My pussy started to tighten up and i could feel that gush starting

I'm going to cum i told him and he pulled the knickers up whilst i gushed into them.
He filmed me gushing then he filmed the wetness spreading across the panties.

He went back to his cock grabbed my panties on the bed, smelling them again, I knew he was about to cum so I licked his balls and he just exploded everywhere... as he was pumping I sucked him till he finished.

He got dressed and left.
Half hour later i went to the foyer and he was in the bar place outside with his disabled wife and another couple.

How fucking weird is that.

So I didn't get fucked like a slag but I certainly felt like one lol.

I did get fucked by 3 lorry drivers at a truck stop a couple of days later....

Story to follow.

Me.... a few guys asking about me.

I'm 38 size 14 brunnette chubby big bum small sqeezable tits....

I might post a pic or two next time.
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