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Sick of life having suicidal thoughts 💔

Posted over a year ago | London, East London

Sick of life having suicidal thoughts.

I am young smart person who goes to the gym and also work hard to look after my wife and children. My children have grown up and I have a 3 Yr old baby that I look after to. The sad thing is that my wife is always on her phone she keeps on playing games such as ludo on her phone. She has become so addicted that she ppay 24hr 7 days a week. Then she has phone calls on whatsup from her family from Pakistan. I try my best to please her take care of her but I don't receive no love from her in the night or even when the children are at school.

And when ever I say let's have sex she say I am in my period and its been nearly 3 yrs that I have no sex from her I now have doubt she has some one in her life secretly. I now sleep separately from her

And I am so upset that I want to kill my self plus on top I had an arranged marriage not a love marriage.

I some times wish to keep a girlfriend who is by my side secretly who I can love and see her secretly.

I am British citizen born in London I am 34 yrs old keep my self fit at the gym live in East London . I can't find no other solution for my life.

Then I became concerned that if I divorce her then my children will suffer the most.

So I have decided to play along in my life to stay for my children.

Another thing that was hurtful that she already had some in Pakistan that she loved. And I found out while the laptop was opened and she wrote love letters by emails..

After that I forgave her because I didn't want to get separated and my children will suffer the most.

I am really hurt to the core that she doesn't even sit near me I always have to call her and then she say I am busy on the phone.

With great great difficulties I have to look after her because she suffered brom a back and leg problem and she take medication everyday day. She get irrated and angry. But i have to stay calm because of her illness.

If there is a girl out there who can give me comfort and want to know me lls contact me and will wait for your response
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