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I Fucked my wife sister

Posted over a year ago | London, London

I'm married men 30 years old my wife she is 29 living in london my wife sister she is young 22 years old she is supposed to be virgin as Muslims.
She doesn't leave far from our house ,one day my wife she was at work during mid day about 12:00 and I was at home still in bed she called me and said her sister she is coming home to take her spare keys that she left at our house.
And this is exactly what happened she has lost her wallet and phone and her flat keys but she got extra keys at our flat in case that happen.
So I said to my wife ok I will wait for her I was still in my boxes in bed and then the bell ring.i open the door and let her in she was very upset and start to cray I tray to calm her down and give her hug .i ask her to come to sittingroom I give water and sitt next to her in the sofa.
Ok start to make her relax by touching her back and rubbing my hand in her back.
And 15 minute later my wife called and ask me if I have give her the keys ,I said yeah and she ask me if she left I said yeah while she still at my place my phone was on load speaker so she heard me telling my wife that she left.
I hand up the phone and I told her I know you are upset if you want good massage I can give you the best neck massage and nothing to worry just massage in ur neck, she smiled and said I really need it but I told her but in one condition don't tell ur sister and said its our secret
I took her to my bed , locked the main door in case my wife come back.and I started to rub her neck with cream.
And hold her to take out her t-shirts and she did.
I felt that she was enjoying my hand and want it more then just massage she said to me ur hand are good can you go more down I was expecting that ones I reach her ass she ask me to rub her ass, I took her jeans and left her black thong I told her she is so sexy and u make me hard as she can feel my hard dick rubbing her ass.so I
Start rubbing her ass and slowly touching her pussy and she was so wet ready and said don't stop please moanin so I just put my whole face in her ass and eating her pussy and rimming her ass like crazy she was so wet she can't take it anymore and said fuck me hard please
I did not put any condom and slide my dick inside her pussy , it was so nice she was screaming of pleaser.
I turned her around and continue for the last hour no stop we did so many sex positions and finish in her mouth for after that she felt very bad and said we shouden have done that but she said it was the best sex she had and that her sister she is very lucky women.
I give her my number and told her if she need more massage she can contact me .i still meeting her in hotel time to time
She has kept it secret till now also i have recorded some very naughty dirty sex with her and she know about it .now and she is more submissive to my dirty requests and she love it when I talk dirty to her and tell her what I will do to her next time we meet up, her parents and all her family they don't know she is not virgin only me it's also our big secret she is very attached to me and the way I'm fucking her aggressively she love it that's how she wanted to be fucked everytime we meet up.
I feel so bad that I cheat it on my wife but I can't stop thinking of her sister. I have no intention of divorcing my wife or leaving her sister alone,
I stil having great sex with my wife daily and never suspected anything .but me and her sister we are having great dirty sex and it's getting dirty and dirty every time we meet up ,we also planing 3 some soon with black be submissive lady that we meet online.
I will update you soon 🤫
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