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My wife; the mature tease

21st March 2021 - 15:53 | London, Fulham

Shes the kind of lady you drool over but wish you hadn't got hitched to. She makes all the decisions using her feminine charms as weapons. Divorcing her would be very disastrous financially so I just plod on. I'm no fool,with less than average looks and 13 years older, she married me for my money.
Shes 62 but could pass for 52 + 5ft5 with long Auburn coloured hair hazel eyes and a bit of an hour-glass figure. She works in the city and always dress smart and stylish with pencil skirts with big slits , mini skirts, tight blouses ,heels and full make up.
She really gets off on teasing guys . We've never talked about it but its pretty obvious. She even does it when we are together in company.
I feel embarrassed,humiliated even. Yet part of me gets so turned on seeing their reaction; sitting back drink in hand,with their prick,and mine ,growing harder in their trousers.
I often have to excuse myself and masturbate in the toilet. At bedtime she gets undressed as if nothings happened. When she thinks I'm asleep I hear her fumbling under the sheets bringing herself off. Sometimes we have sex after company and it's the best but not too often.
She calls the shots.
It's even worse on holiday as she parades round the swimming pool with these giant old fashioned red heels and black swimming costume. Walking to the bar all the blokes eyes greedily watch her from their various vantage points. Her bubble but sticking out proudly her gorgeous legs and those magnificent tits of hers. The women who are with their husbands look on partly in envy but I see longing in donr if their faces.
One year o remember in particular, Spain 2005. A fortnight of sexual frustration where she didnt go anywhere near me. The mix of sun booze and that body was too much to bear. I went to a red light district . The girl was pretty without being stunning ,a girl-next-door type. She also specialized in being submissive so I let loose with really rough stuff which I have to say she seemed genuinely into.
Now when I masturbate I sometimes think of her, Maria especially if I've had a bad day.
But mostly I just think of my wife.
That magnificent prick-teasing wife of mine.
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