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Need to expose wife led to sissification.

Posted over a year ago | Brighton, Brighton

I am a mature married man with a petite and still pretty wife.
I realised quite early on in our relationship that we were a sexual mismatch, I was relaxed and willing to try anything, and liked to give pleasure at least as much as receive it.

While A was always uncomfortable, wouldn’t talk about her needs and wants and nothing I did or tried seems to help. To the extent that when I wanted foreplay she would say, stop fiddling about and get on with it. ! And she used to complain as I am quite well endowed and she said it hurt.
Anyway I loved her and I thought there is more to life than sex and perhaps she will relax and change after we married. Sadly she didn’t.

We had a comfortable lifestyle and were a good couple socially but inevitably after a few years of marriage I had an affair, and before you judge me let me say I had tried to get my wife to talk to someone and I was willing to go to counselling too. But she outright refused to talk about anything to do with sex, with me or anyone else. She has never masturbated, never had an orgasm, won’t allow oral sex either way thinks it’s dirty, will only have sex in the bedroom and only at night and wants it over as quickly as possible..wouldn’t even talk about using a lube to accommodate me more easily.

Having had one secret short term affair I felt very guilty and concerned about the emotional aspects so looked for alternatives. Via a contact magazine I made contact with a couple in Deal in Kent, and I became the bull in their relationship, enjoying the wife while the husband liked to watch. So very much the Dom in the relationship.

And I realised how much I would like to watch my wife in a similar situation, which was clearly never going to happen, but I started taking every opportunity to expose her to other men, leaving curtains in stores slightly open when she tried on clothes etc. department store changing rooms used to be just curtained off areas on the main shop floor. And I could tell other men liked looking, all very minor stuff but exciting.

Anyway move forward through the years and iPhones etc have made the chances of getting dressed and undressed pictures of your partner far more likely. And so I take what chances I can and share them with other men. Despite her age she still has an excellent, some would say underused, body, and a pretty face.
Someone I was showing pics too recognised her, and started asking for more and more pics. He then started getting me to reveal ever more intimate details about her and my own sexual history, before asking me to wear some of her knickers for him. Which I couldn’t as they are too small, so I was instructed to acquire my own.

Gradually this progressed to dressing fully for him including a wig and makeup. Of course I had to please him sexually too. It was scary at the start but also very exciting and I learned to be a good sissy. The strangest thing I thought would be having to kiss a man, but it was surprisingly easy, and I enjoyed being able to please him and see that I was getting him excited.

So now I am a closet cross dresser and sissy. My wife knows nothing about it. But it is lovely to know I am wanted and desired. He has even loaned me to some friends of his, they are overweight and slightly gross but I enjoy being able to please them, so I really have become a sub sissy. And somehow I don’t feel guilty about it as I would if I was having affairs with women. A long way from being the alpha male in a relationship with other couples.
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