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Covid Restrictions

Posted over a year ago | London, East London


I'm just trying to figure this out. We've been in various states of lockdown for about 9 or so months, right? Contact limited, restricted movement, etc.

Some have told me this might last till Autumn, others have said there's speculation of a three year thing even with vaccines.

I think we all understand it's for the collective good, but there are things that are extremely frustrating. People need love, affection, romance and physical contact, i.e sex. Many if not most people were already in their domestic arrangements at the time of this stuff happening, but if you're single what's to happen to you?

I'm a dude and whilst not fully antinatalism I just don't think children are in my future. I wonder about women that might want kids thinking time's slipping away. People who think they're missing a chance to meet someone special, or just people like me who would like sex. People that are now involuntary celibate going on for a year now, etc. I'm only focusing on the carnal maladies, but I'm sure many of us have experienced the toll this has taken.

Just seems puzzling to me.

I do know that for many it's life as usual, but I'd assume most of us are adhering to the guidelines.

I know what I'm trying to say, but it's a rambling mess.

For me, I've figured out a few things -- I don't really like London is one of them. Another is that ideas/concepts that might seem abstract to people are the things I care most about. Another is that I'm more sure than ever that there's better ways or organising society.

Another is that I don't like people!

Maybe I'll edit/expand upon this to have it make sense.
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