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A true slow journey Into being a cuck.

16th March 2021 - 23:39 | London, London

I used to be a really jealous over protective boyfriend.
Hated the idea of any girl I was seeing even looking at another guy.
It caused no end of arguments.
Mainly my Insecurity I'm sure

Then I met a woman fell in love and believed all the lies she told me..
For reasons I wont go into., I got stuck in this relationship and i found out she was a complete and total slag.

I didnt obviously find out until i couldn't get out of it.
I went from angry to fucking furious to just upset.

Couldn't leave and still wanted sex but went from not thinking about it to continually thinking about it.

She wasnt shy about telling me either.
She did it to hurt I'm sure but I used to listen and say wow...

Then I found myself thinkng about others fucking her when I was with her.
It started to really excite me and I couldn't understand why.
This was over maybe a two year period.

Then we were away and she was drinking and having a great time and she was talking to an old doorman type guy.

He was whispering in her ear and feeling up her arse at the same time.

My cock was rock hard and I was caught between wishing they would go somewhere where I could watch her suck or fuck him and just wishing the whole thing was a dream.

We went back to our hotel
Her knickers were soaked and it was just fantastic sex.
Since then...I have accepted it and love it.
She let's me clean her up and I often suck her lovers cocks...
She likes to humiliate me.
She says I love it.. and I do but I didn't and never wanted to.

It's always much older men... she often makes me choose them for her.

She loves to be used by daddy
Another thing and kink she told me about.

She goes away... she is away tonight (as I'm writing this) when I know she sees younger guys... well I suspect.

Is there anyone else in this situation.
Hating it loving it and not really understanding either ?
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