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RE. Immigration

Posted over a year ago | London, London

The British Isles have been invaded by the Romans, Vikings, Anglo Saxons, Normans and others and have had waves of immigrants fleeing their own countries in fear for their lives or simply for a better life for themselves and their families for centuries.

But with every wave of new immigrants some of the already settled old immigrants forget that they or their families were immigrants at some point in their family history and behave with intolerance forgetting the racism that they or their older members of their families experienced when they first came to the United Kingdom.

It seems to me that it is simply a human condition to fear the stranger who might look different, dress differently or have different customs or eat different things from them or whatever else. From my own view all in all with the different waves of immigrants it has made the UK better in every way even with all its faults Britain is still a fair and lawful country to live in. Although saying that I am white of German decent from before the first world war and I realise that I myself have never or at least experience very little racism in the UK apart from the odd Faulty Towers kind of racism.
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