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Flirtatious Stepdaughter

3rd May 2021 - 11:07 | London, London

I'm in my early 50s, White guy, London born and based. Met my 2nd Wife 21 years ago.
We eventually got married in 2008 after 8 years of living in separate homes. She was a single Mum and had had a string of failed relationships after divorce from the father of her kids.
When I first met my wife to be, her daughter was 15 going 16. We've always got on well.
She's now a mother of 3 aged 36. She'd had her first child age 18 followed by 2 more from the same partner. She split up with him about 11 years ago and soon after met a new guy and they've since got married. (He's quite boring but he's stable)

However. My Stepdaughter is a bit of a wild one on the sly and although she's only had a total of 5 or 6 sexual partners long and short term.
She's quite sexually expressive and is often quite sexually suggestive in social conversation.
Even with me but I suppose that, because I never lived with her in the stepfather role. She doesn't see me as a father figure as such but is very affectionate towards me. Eg. A kiss and hug when we meet and say our goodbyes.

Since she turned 19-20. I've not been able to avoid the fact that I find her extremely sexually attractive but of course. I've never said anything but can't help but admire her.
Often she is very sexually suggestive in conversation and has a very naughty sense of humour and has very little filter when talking to me.
She's mentioned that she likes older men and also said that she'd like to experience a guy with a bigger than average penis. She's said both those things since she got married about 6years ago to a guy 2 years younger than herself.
I've got the distinct impression that she has only ever experienced lovers with a small or average size penis.

Now here's the thing. I'm pretty sure that her Mum has mentioned that I'm well endowed and last summer because of lockdown. We were social distancing. We were in our front garden and she and hubby came by to say hello because we hadn't seen each other for a while.

We ended up chatting for about an hour or more.
I must confess. Because I'm well endowed. I like to wear trousers or tracksuit bottoms that don't leave much to the imagination. I wear an Arab strap which holds my cock in a nice position to one side and positions my substantial balls forward. Wearing light coloured tracksuit trousers. The outline of my sizeable girthy cock is clear to anyone who looks. Even the ridge around the base of my glans can be seen.

Yes. I love flaunting it and why not. It's legal. My Wife was chatting her daughter's hubby while I was chatting mostly to my Stepdaughter.
She was wearing sunglasses and normally while sitting down chatting. She makes eye contact or even wearing sunglasses, she looks to my face but this occasion. Because we were standing at 6 ft apart. She was constantly looking at me below my waistband. She probably thought that I wouldn't notice where she was looking as I talked but it was obvious that she was staring at my cock.
I've often heard of that competitive thing regarding men between Mothers and Daughters, especially as my Wife and her Daughter could go out together and be mistaken as older sister younger sister because my wife looks younger than she is.

Now. What do I make of these things.
A Stepdaughter who has openly expressed an interest in older men, larger than average penis size and has since spent the best part of an hour looking at my barely concealed cock ?
What do I make of this? Has she been testing the water?

I must admit that if the opportunity arose. I would just have to f*ck her.
I adore her as a person and care for her deeply but can't help but be extremely sexually turned on by her.
Does anyone know what's going on on her side considering what she says followed by her admiring my downstairs department ?
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