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Fucking arab womens in my shop

18th May 2021 - 4:26 | London, Kilburn

I'm arab men I have a jewellery shop in London as you can imagine how many desperate women come to my shop to chat or just try some gold jewellery also have good regular customer.
I have to say love what I do not just for the money I'm making but for free sex I'm having every week new women want to fuck.
I have this young bustybIraqi women 22 years old she can't get enough of my dick I'm 41 years old.
She come last month by her self in my shop and started to be so flirty she was so sexy she don't wear hijab she look hungry for dick.
It was just about to close the shop I have my shop just half down its just about to get dark.
She knock on my shop window and ask me if I can com in I so her big breast I couldn't say no to her.
I told her come in she ask to try some necklace and aske to put it for her.
I said ok I went behind her and I took my time to put it on.her.
And she moved backwards touching my dick with her big round ass hard that I couldn't resist and I become so hard and she said omg I said what you like the necklace lol acting stupid.
She said yeah and I.like something else and she light.
I know I was going to fuck her that moment.
I closed the shop door.
Then I grabbed her waist and pulled her to me rubbing her ass to my dick and start kissing her in her back of her neck, she couldn't resist and turn around and start sucking my thong omg I was in heaven she was so dirty little slut.
Then I took her to the back.of the shop took her cloth of put her on her knees and start fucking her mouth so hard she eat all my balls omg the best feeling ever.
Then I bend her over and fucked her hard all position she was moaning like porn star.
She also beg me to fuck her ass hard and I did and I finish in her mouth and she swallow all of it
She is so dirty little slut she does everything

We continue fucking till around 11:00.
She told me how her family are in Iraq, and she is by her self at home bord.
I been fucking her all week and I can't stop thinking of her.
I do fuck other arab women time to time but this one she blown my mind.
She invited me to her flat next week and I can't wait.
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