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OMG! The things you young ladies will do for an old man!

9th July 2024 - 17:08 | London, Central Line

This happened quite a few years ago now, a happy memory for me.

You got on at the stop after me, on the Central Line, and you sat directly opposite me, even though the carriage was quiet and there were other seats to choose. I wondered.

Your skirt was short and because I was sitting facing you I had a perfect view of your bare legs.

I tried not to look, though you had your knees slightly apart.

You caught my eyes, and when I noticed you smiling, with myself somewhat embarrassed, and with you looking pleased with yourself, you slowly and casually parted your knees until I could see all the way up your short skirt and I could see that you were not wearing any underwear!

Thank you!

Was this old man dreaming! Was I in a fantasy dream heaven! No! You really did it! Thank you.

You were superbly discreet, and with a playful smile, and with your eyes twinkling, you opened your legs further, and you held your knees wide apart, so this old gentleman could have a good look.

You took an amazing opportunity with no one else around in the carriage - thank you!

You knew what you were doing..... I am glad to say.

I could see you smiling and I could almost hear you thinking "Grandad, that is so naughty of you to be looking up my skirt, and I am even more naughty for letting you look!"

Was that you? On the Central Line? Would you have liked it to have been you?

Message me now even if it wasn't you, and you want to flash a naughty and cheeky fun loving London Grandad.

I would love to get a better and longer look.

Outdoors in a park, perhaps? Even indoors if you prefer, you say where? (I can also host for this).

I would not meet on the underground for this nowadays.

Will you let this old gentleman have a good look?

Message me now, and make this old man's day!

Note: I am ONLY interested in hearing from you about consensual exposure by yourself. i.e. You agree to meet me away from the general public and you flash me and let me have a look. A consensual private flash between you and me, two adults that say yes to this fun.

Are you interested in this adult consensual scenario?

I am! Message me now.

I am not looking for online chit chat about this with men - and dis-honest replies are... well... dis-honest, and unwelcome.

Such a fun and harmless adventure is possible for you with this sweet old man in London.

Can't wait to hear from you!

You could make this Grandad's day fun... :-)
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