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Looking for the right girl, my life is tough & painful

27th August 2021 - 10:31 | London, London

My life is a bit different and I had certain situation in the past but.

I had an arranged marriage which was in Pakistan and I was 20 yrs of age

My wife couldn't walk properly when she came to London

I then had to take her to physiotherapist to check her out at hospital but they couldn't find the solution, they then did an X Ray, and found out she had a nerve trap near her pelvis linked to her spine and back lower side on the left.

But also she was pregnant then once my child was born they then started to do her operation in 5 months time

After that she healed and then she had more pains after that and the doctors prescribed her with dyhdrocodine, nortripoline, and paracetamol tablets for life.

Plus in top she had injections after every 6 months

Then we had a 10 yrs gap to decide to have a child again and my wife had a C section she then had problems after that..

I always take care of her during these hardships that I am in.

After that my life changed and I could not make love to her and what a person deserves and desires most from a women in the night..

But i hug and kiss her sleep with her.

But from my perspective of view I am secretly suffering. And having suicidal thoughts in which I ignore and my soul suffers in the night and can't sleep properly..

I then prey to God for help and also i want to find a solution to my life..

In the day life is normal but in the night my life is different... can't sleep..

((And so i decided to find girlfriend in my life.. who can understand me.. better and to keep this a private issue ))

But if your the girl then its your choice to decide to stay connected with me to know me... for life...

Tried to go on dating sites but couldn't find the right girl for my life.
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