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10th September 2021 - 18:29 | Cambridge, Cambridge

I had sex for the first time a few months ago. I had been having a great time sucking on her breasts when she decides to reach into my pants and start slowly stroking my cock. I was in heaven, this lasted about 10 minutes by which point I was about ready to burst. Then she takes of her pants and presents her pussy to me. I know I'm just going to embarrass and that I should take a minute to calm myself but I can't resist. I pull myself away from her breasts and position myself between her legs, slowly I insert my penis into her. It's incredible, the first time I have experienced the sensation of having my penis in a vagina. I instinctively start to thrust in and out of her but as I pull back on the second thrust it happens. I cum. No condom, I had agreed to pull out and I had intended to do so but I came before I had a chance. I just sit there with my penis surrounded by her now cum filled pussy. I thought she would be mad and dissapointed but instead she smiled and asked if that was it. I replied yes and she just started laughing. She made me eat her out while she kept laughing and insulting me for almost half an hour. Then she kicked me out. It should be devastating to me but I actually think I enjoyed it on some level. I don't want to improve my stamina if anything I want to cum even quicker, I crave the humiliation.
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