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Posted over a year ago | London, South London

I took my two dogs out for a walk the other day. It was a warm sunny afternoon so thought we'd try somewhere different for a change.
I found some quite secluded woodland, not to far away, I parked up and noticed there were a few other cars there as well.
We set off, on some well used pathways, the dogs running on ahead as I followed along.
I noticed that there seemed to be a lot of single men wandering about. The ones I passed all nodded and seemed to be very polite.
I seemed to be getting further and further into the woodland and came a cross a quite dense bit of undergrowth.
There were two men in there, both had their trousers down and they were playing with each other. I was both shocked and at the same time aroused. I stood there watching for a little while, when the older of the two looked up and saw me, the other quickly spun round and looked straight at me. I could now see both of their cocks, stuck straight out and looking very hard indeed
I must say I was a little turned on by this and as he grabbed hold of his cock and waved it at me.
I wandered over to them, the older man grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock, I gently stroked him, but suddenly felt my head being pushed down by the other guy till I was on my knees in front of them both.
They were both tossing themselves franticly, I open my mouth and took the older guys cock deep in the back of my throat.
It was'nt long before he shot his warm creamy cum into me. As I was gulping it all down my face was pulled round and the younger guy shot all over my face.
They then both did up their trousers and left me there
Not sure I should go back there again, but I might.
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