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Once in a lifetime strangers sex

9th October 2021 - 1:26 | London, Norwich

I was on a job in Singapore and as it turned out we had quite a bit of down time. I have a high sex drive and can't help but filter into the more sordid side of the Internet. I got talking to a woman on one of the sites I used to frequent, we landed up talking a lot about different scenarios and what turns us on. One of these scenarios was having sex with a complete stranger, so the two of us went about spending the next few weeks turning each other on to bursting point and constructing our fantasy. We planned that when I'd got back to the UK I would come to her home, she'd leave the door open and be lying on the bed naked, facing away from the door. She'd lie there as I walked in the house, up the stairs, into her room. I'd stand there, she'd listen to me undress, feel the bed move as I slid in behind her. The first thing she'd ever hear come out of my mouth would be, "open your legs". She'd open her legs slightly while I hold her bum cheeks apart as I slid myself into her soaked peach.

When I got back from Singapore I did just that, I found her house, parked my car, walked upto the door and with this weird sense of disbelief of what I was about to do I turned that doorknob, it turned and the door opened, I still remember thinking to myself, "I really hope this is the right house". My heart was pounding as I walked up the stairs, I was actually a bit afraid and with every step I took closer to the door at the top of the stairs my fear grew a bit more. I opened the door slowly and there laying on the bed was a naked woman with long curly blonde hair, I walked up beside the bed and started undressing, I could see her breathing heavy as I unbuttoned my shirt, the clink of my buckle sounded as if it echoed through the whole neighbourhood. I slid gently onto the bed and moved closer until our skin touched, I whispered in her ear to open her legs which she complied with, I ran my hand up the inside of her thigh until it reached her outer folds which my fingers gently parted until I felt the warm moist area between her legs, she was wet and I was rock hard at this point. I slid into her and started slowly but it wasn't long before all the weeks of foreplay, tension and nervousness came pouring out of us both and we let the horses out the gates. We had sex three times while I was there after which she made us some good coffee, we giggled and chuckled at what had just taken place and the weeks that had led up to this moment.

It was the most exciting sexual encounter I've ever had. I never saw her again. I have spoken to her on a social media platform but we've left it just at that. I have some other experiences that are story worthy but that's for another time.
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