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Appearances can be deceptive

28th August 2023 - 6:29 | London, North London

A friend of my wife looks like a typical librarian; sensible shoes, glasses, knee length skirts and cardigans. She always struck me as very timid and shy but not unpleasant. One afternoon she texted my wife and asked her if I could pop around and help fit a bolt onto a door. I was free and it was a simple enough job so I agreed. When I arrived at her flat she explained that the bolt was for the inside of her bedroom door to stop hr son barging in at ‘ the wrong moment’ I must have looked puzzled and she nodded towards her bedside table where a small silver vibrator was standing on end. I blushed immediately and didn’t know where to look next. She looked me in the eye and told me she and her husband were now separated and without that to relieve her stress she would go mad. I just nodded and asked her exactly where she wanted the bolt fitted. As I struggled to focus on the task in hand she clearly wanted to chat. She asked if she told me something would I keep it a secret from everyone else including my wife. By this time I was both intrigued and a little aroused so I readily agreed. She told me that her husband had initially loved the fact that she needed so much sex, but eventually it became too much for him and this was the cause of many arguments and eventually their separation. She asked me if me or my wife had the higher sex drive and I told her mine had always been higher. I could already see her nipples protruding through her top and she was clearly enjoying the conversation. By this time I was pretty hard and as I turned to talk to her I could see she was checking out my bulge. She walked towards me and placed my hand on her boob as she rubbed me through my jeans. That was the beginning of a 2 year fling during which time I had probably the best sex of my life!
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