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Wanked off whilst wearing tights

30th November 2021 - 7:35 | London, North London

I work outdoors and one of my workmates admitted that he often wore a pair of his wife’s tights rather than pants to help him keep warm. I initially scoffed at the idea but one particularly cold day I decided to try it. I grabbed a pair from my wife’s drawer and slipped them on in the bathroom I immediately felt a ‘tingle’ but tried to ignore it. The difference in warmth was huge so I decided to wear them regularly and I even told my wife who thought it a good idea and not weird at all. On a particular job I was invited into a customer’s kitchen for a cup of tea as she was working from home and was bored. The conversation got around how working conditions had changed and I confessed my secret means of staying warm by wearing my wife’s tights. She laughed and asked me to prove it. I wasn’t sure how far to go so I just undid the button and zip of my work trousers so she could see the waistband of the tights. She asked me to drop them lower so i lowered them to my knees. I could feel myself becoming aroused and the sensation of me straining against the tights made things even worse. Within seconds I was fully erect and blushing furiously. She simply smiled and sat on a kitchen chair next to me. She smiled and began to stroke me gently. She told me to leave them on to save making a mess - which was just aswell as within a minute I shot a very big load inside the tights. She sat back and admired her handiwork then passed me some kitchen roll to clean myself up as she watched. We laughed, had another cup of tea and I went back to work. I still get a huge thrill from wearing them.
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