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Are you lonely and trying to connect to others?

Posted over a year ago | London, Nine Elms

We get it. If we believe statistics and some of our sources roughly half of all UK adults have no social support network or anyone in their life who they can regard as a close friend.

Then you have the increasingly common, widespread social issues of social stigma and social exclusion - which can affect anywhere between 25% and 45% of any local community.

The suicide statistics for the UK are appalling if you look through the Samaritans or ONS statistics. Apparently post-COVID it's as many as 28 adults a day and a child every six weeks. For every woman who commits suicide three men end their lives.

Anything can get you stigmatized or socially isolated these days. You're the wrong size or shape, the wrong gender, you have the wrong skin colour or ethnicity, you have a disability, a mental illness, you're too old, you're too young, you've got the wrong sexual orientation or you don't quite fit into the sex or gender binary.

We've been working to find ways to tackle these issues for years.


'We' are Qultura Core. Qultura Core is the central volunteering and activist hub of the Qultura community. The Qultura community is connected to Qultura methodology.

Qultura methodology is a derivative of Therevada (Southern) Buddhism, so this is about mindfulness, discipline, the development of consciousness and the seeking and finding of individual and personal truth.

However Qultura methodology isn't anything like Therevada or Buddhism, which advocates mindfulness through meditation - which is essentially sitting on your backside and staring into space. Yeah fat lot of good that's going to do.

Qultura methodology is a lot simpler and easier to learn than Buddhism. The complete Qultura methodology fits into an e-book of 97 pages. Four webpages on a website. A 15 minute video.

There's no method for you to follow, because it's a complete methodology. You don't even have to believe anything you don't already believe. Truth and belief are two completely different things. Truth is consciousness. Belief isn't. Truth doesn't need your participation to exist, unlike belief. It just is.

This is where we get to the major difference between Qultura and other systems like Buddhism and Taoism. Unlike Buddhism and Taoism Qultura is an exclusively social system - which means you cannot develop a Qultura method unless you're involved in a community with other people.


This is how it works. You first learn the Qultura methodology which is all about reality - the simple relationship between consciousness, energy and space. We figure that if you understand the simple principles behind reality, the mysticism, universal principles, then you should be able to figure out how to work everything else out in your life all by yourself.

This is where we get to the bottom line. Your truth lies within you. You are already an enlightened human being. You have your humanity, your individual life experience, your individual life story, your individual conscious perspective on life, your individual truth.

What gets in your way, and what most people are trying to live up, is the Ego. The Ego is what we were all required to develop as part of our socialization, upbringing and education. You know? When we were all taught that society works a certain way and that you have to be a Somebody to get anywhere in life? Yeah right. We all know a song about that, don't we?

This is the thing.. Your Ego isn't real. It's a social construct. It's a concept. It's an image. It's who you 'think' you are, and who other people 'think' you are. It's an opinion and nothing more than this.

Are you just an opinion? Are you a concept? Are you a social construct? Or are you a real human being?


The greatest gifts you can give to anyone else are your humanity, your individual truth, and the benefits of your individual conscious perspective, your life stories, narratives from your personal experience, and all the wisdom and insight that comes from all this.

Beyond this the only possible thing that could be more valuable than all of the above is your love.

And do you know what? If other people cannot appreciate these things about you, then it's their loss.

This means that there's nothing wrong with you. There's nothing bad about you. It's just other people don't recognize your value as an individual human being and just don't appreciate you, that's all.


So.. and this is just an offer, an opportunity, and nothing more than this. It's up to you whether you want to take it or not. Why not get involved in the Qultura community and help us develop it into something bigger?

The Qultura community is part of Qultura methodology, and is an alternative community where people can come together to develop their own Qultura methods out of Qultura methodology.

Qultura methodology is completely free of charge to everyone. It won't cost you a penny to get involved. No money changes hands between anyone involved in the Qultura community.

The Qultura community is currently based around a central Community Message Board which is connected to our websites. We have two websites. One website is for Qultura and the various community projects we're trying to develop. The second website, Qultura Core, is the 'core' of the Qultura community, the central volunteering and activist hub.

We also have access to community space in Nine Elms, a short walk away from Battersea Power Station tube, provided to us by Wandsworth Council. It's a place where we can meet up to develop community projects.


This is what this is all about. It's about how we, as individual human beings can connect to one another and share a bit of humanity, our individual stories, perspectives, and truth, and get past the misery of loneliness, social isolation, social stigma and social exclusion.

Everything else is Mickey Mouse. It's a game. Let's living in society for example.

Life in the UK amounts to a Real Life version of the board game Monopoly.

There are differences of course. We all don't get the same amount of money for passing Go. The Banker changes each time there's a change of Government when the rules of the game also change. Unlike the board game, we all didn't get the choice over whether we wanted to play or not.

So round and round and round we all go, taking all this so seriously, and shitting ourselves that we land on those big red hotels on Mayfair or Park Lane and it's Game Over.

We were all taught to be competitive and to judge one another at school when we started getting marks and grades for our school work. That's where all this started. Nobody gets treated well in the process of Ego development, socialization and Somebody training.


This is what Qultura is all about - finding different ways and opportunities to accept life for what it is, appreciate life, ourselves, each other, and find ways of enjoying each other's company, friendship, and different activities which we can all do together.

Please don't take us or any of this too seriously. If you do you'll be going through life with a face like a smacked backside.

Won't you join us? We don't care what you look like, how much stuff you have, what social position you have or don't have. All that matters is that you have an open mind, that we can find a way of connecting to one another, and you want to get involved and be a part of our community.

If you reply we'll email you links and stuff and you can take it from there.
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