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My confession of liking older woman

5th April 2024 - 8:48 | London, East London

I have a really big confession to make I love truly older woman and I’m only 27 this may seem weird but 60+ is a massive turn on not too be weird but the older the better I have a story that I’m sure started all this off. When I was younger I used to go round to my best friends a lot I knew all his family we was alot like brothers more than friends, i grew up knocking for him to play out as kids do when he used to come and stay at his grandmothers a few doors down from me. His grand mother had moved out when I had turned 12-13 one of those ages and had moved back to France I was truly upset as I loved this woman she truly showed me so much kindness plus I always had a thing for her she had a massive and mean massive pair of tits and massive round bottom to match every man’s dream of the perfect bbw but I guess back then your so young you don’t even know what your looking at lol anyways years went by I then turned 18 my friend doesn’t like talking on the phone to anyone not even sure how he’s had a GF but I used to ask him all the time how’s nana not that it’s weird he knew I loved the woman too I always used to get she’s okay she’s okay blah blah blah anyways one day I got “she will be here in a day or 2 she’s coming to visit” I jumped for joy this woman was like the first pornstar you see as kid and never forget I started thinking crazy things like I need to get my ears pierced to impress her, get my hair done, wear certain clothing, just to attract her but in the end I thought to myself she ain’t gonna want me I’m 18 lol just be normal and hug her like you used to tits in your face lol anyways I’m talking to much to cut this down she’s now back and at my friends everyone has greeted her but me I’m so shy I cannot control myself I actually made a swift exit out the room to avoid the hello the night goes by And me and my friend are playing zombies don’t ask me which one I’ve said bro I need a drink can you get me one he’s like you know where The kitchen is mean while I’m thinking to myself damn I’m Tryna avoid hot nana anyways I die then proceed downstairs to get my drink & the coast is clear just as I step on my friends damn creaky stairs I hear excuse me young man is that how your gonna say hello to me it’s hot nana so I stepped off and went with open arms to nana she kissed me so close to my mouth I looked up like was that a accident she looked me dead in the eyes and kissed me again then it turned to one of those scenes out of damn movie where we just start kissing and she pulls me into a room with in 5 mins I was kissing her, I had ripped off her dress so she was just in bra and knickers and I was proceeding to lick her pussy from on my knees she pulled her knickers to the side and said take me I don’t think my dick has ever in my life been that hard as Ive started poking the tip of penis inside her I heard someone coming down the stairs my guess is that is was my friend I legitally only experienced her insides for about 15 seconds before pulling up my trousers and sneaking out her room before being caught by my friend she was so good and so tight for a mature woman I wish I had stayed we never got a chance after that I’ve seen her but when she comes to visit she’s always with family so there’s never any free time and even now she looks so hot and she’s coming up to 65 I wish I had made love to her that day it would of been my dream come through anyways since then I’ve always been attracted to mature woman I’ve never been with one but it is my fantasy being some lovely mature ladies toy boy
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