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Daddy Games and Massage

8th February 2022 - 13:58 | London, South East

I once had a girlfriend who was keen on role playing and the one that turned us on the most, was when we I would play at being a masseur. I would knock on the door and say I was here for the appointment. She would undress and cover herself with a towel on the bed, face down. I would then enter.
I would then commence an oil massage starting on her neck and shoulders, down to her lower back, gently pushing the towel lower to reveal the top of her bum. I would work my hands around her waist and top of her buttocks. Then repositioning the towel folded smaller, barely covering her arse, I would commence on her legs, working from her feet, up her calves and to her thighs, gently parting her legs as I run up her inner thigh (at which point she would gently moan!). I would work closer to her pussy and bum but without touching her directly yet...gently brushing her pussy region. I would them offer a buttock massage explaining that the trapped nerves in the back can lead to knee/leg pain so it is important to massage across the bum. letting the towel slide I would knead her soft mounds, slipping my fingers along her bum crack and gliding over her bum hole as her legs parted in response...I would them gently run my finger along her already wet lips, but without inserting and then repeat getting firmer with every rotation, until she would grip my hands with her thighs and beg me to finger her... I would say she was a "naughty girl and needs punishing", she would say "yes" and I would spank her bum and pull her hair. Then eventually slipping my fingers in her to bring her to a back arching orgasm.
I would then leave and continue the charade, returning later to ask if she had had a nice day, as if nothing had happened...
I am a good masseur and would love to repeat something similar!
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