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Hot Shower

15th July 2024 - 9:21 | London, The City

Sometime a go I used to see a lovely Brazilian lady for some no strings fun. We both had partners but wanted to push boundaries and explore new things sexually, we found that we could be as free with each other on suggestions on what we should try.

One time we had arranged to meet at a hotel room as usual in London. Gina always arranged these and as usual when I arrived and knocked on the door she opened it wearing only a pair of red hold ups, he olive skin looking very sexy and her curves delicious standing with her legs slightly apart, big smile on her face. By the time the door was closing we were kissing each other with a passion. Once we broke from our kiss she told me that she had a surprise for me. She then grabbed a blindfold from her bag and placed it over my eyes. I couldn't see a thing, which heightened the excitement.

I then began to feel her removing my clothes, and before long I was naked and standing proud. Gina then gave me another kiss on the mouth, her hand gently stroking my hard member. We stopped kissing and I felt her tongue running over my exposed head, giving me a suck and a kiss.

She then took me by the hand and led me, not to the bed but to the bathroom. She helped me lay in the bath, on my back and then all I could here where a few moans of effort. It was then she told me to take the blindfold off.

I found myself laying in the bath, hard and proud with Gina straddled over the tub. A leg on each side. She then smiled, winked and let her hot stream jet over me. Her warm water felt amazing on my body, splashing over me. She then guided another short stream onto my throbbing member. We spent a while in that bath, with plenty of bottles of water. Both of us covering each other with warm jets and there was a fair bit of spitting involved too. All I can say is that we both erupted together in an incredible orgasm.

If anyone reading this would love to try, drop me a line.
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