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Over my knee, madam?

29th May 2023 - 20:55 | Dorset, Poole

Hello, I'm Dominic in Poole, Dorset. 30 years ago I tried to interest a girlfriend in receiving a gentle spanking. She complained to her girlfriends, most of whom teased me mercilessly. A year later, I bumped into one of the girlfriends and after a chat she asked if she could come and see me the next day. Surprised, I agreed. She was three years my senior; a respectable housewife type, prim and very proper. She turned up the next day, clutching a small parcel and looking furtive. After a cup of tea she explained that she needed help quitting smoking and thought that I could provide the required help, and handed me the parcel, smiling. I nervously opened it to find a BEAUTIFUL oak hairbrush type spanking paddle in a black velvet bag. She smiled, moved forward and kissed me and said breathlessly "five strokes for every cigarette from now on my bare bottom" and stroking and freeing my by then erect penis indicated that she was to be rewarded in a specific and vigourous manner for good conduct.
Five minutes later, my penis was glistening with her saliva and marked by her scarlet lipstick, which was completely unexpected and exquisite. We had a WONDERFUL two years of quality sex and on occasions her bent over my kitchen table with her knickers down receiving and loving a gentle paddling!

Anyone near Poole want gentle, erotic support with an issue of some kind? You don't NEED to have such a difficulty in order to come and see me. Curiosity or, indeed, excitement and pleasure are equally valid reasons to leave my house with a deliciously burning bottom every so often! A brief kiss and you leave, VERY pleasantly aware of your bottom as you walk away smiling broadly! That is the sensation that will bring you back again and again, declaring your behaviour to have fallen short of high standards set by yourself. You can come just for a chat; it doesn't HAVE to be the case that you go away with a slightly burning bottom: other delightful outcomes are available!

NOT about pain (warm though) NOR AT ALL about shouty authority (absolutely no one is going to find THAT a turn on!) I'm a gentle, respectful chap aiming to turn you VERY ON! Gentle start, not getting much harder (pain, fear and control are NOT my objectives). YOU stay in control ALL of the time; for example, being offered the choice with regard to which implement from my small collection is used to redden your bottom (I haven't got a vast collection of horrible, painful things!): a delightful starting point is a school ruler: I have a very light one made from bamboo; WH Smiths, giving you the opportunity to have a look when out shopping (standing in Smiths furtively perusing, possibly in a thong to heighten the experience (or even knickerless!) while urgently thinking CHRIST! WHAT ON EARTH AM I DOING?!). Just to note that I don't at all possess or use a cane. That would NOT be fun (to repeat, hellish pain is NOT my aim!). Of course I have a soft hand with which to caress your bare bottom and soft lips to kiss it better! Things would probably begin by you bending over a table, fully clothed, simply to see how that felt, possibly with myself gently caressing your clothed bottom with my hand for just five minutes. IF that was deemed interesting and fun, at a subsequent meeting the same could happen over just knickers, then at the next meeting possibly on the bare bottom, so a VERY gentle start, slow progression and lots of opportunities for you to say that's NOT my cup of tea! Such a very gentle and brief clothed bottom caress could happen at a second meeting if YOU wished this (you are always in charge of what happens and when. There will be a SAFE word such that you can STOP proceedings instantly). So the possibility exists for things to get quite erotic in safety relatively quickly if YOU wish.

YES, you are rightly VERY cautious; yet probably also very turned ON... If you haven't done this before, it is, of course, unnerving in an exciting manner at the outset: I will treat you sympathetically, patiently and safely, putting in the right preparations such that you enjoy the journey towards the activity, whether or not you end up receiving a spanking. To be clear, I am NOT a pushy, demanding chap; more friendly, tailoring activity to what YOU enjoy (if you make contact you will want something enjoyable, and you will get that, whatever it may be!). A good aim is genuine friendship: with an exciting, sexy edge that can but does not have to be explored.

Of course one of the MANY delights of a bare bottom spanking is the walk home afterwards (as I found out aged about 16 at the hands of a very pissed off local spinster aged about 40 using a school ruler who gave me the choice of telling my parents about my poor behaviour or reporting to her house on a Saturday afternoon for ten strokes on my bare bottom. Despite being very concerned and, frankly, afraid, also aroused and inquisitive, I chose the spanking). I left her house grinning, with a GLORIOUSLY smarting bottom (the strokes weren't that hard as she explicitly didn't want to leave marks, but hard enough to BURN in an INTERESTING not to say HUGELY erotic manner: my guess is that she set out to cause enjoyment and arousal such that the sessions would continue for as long as possible; by the third session she was well aware that I was loving it) and very, VERY aroused, thinking CRIKEY! Did that REALLY happen? I MUST engineer another visit! Which I did, monthly. If I didn't contrive a situation which made a visit necessary quickly enough, she seemed to concoct a misdemeanor, forcing my hand; even on one occasion simply opining that thirty days was too long a period to go without being spanked and asking me to attend so the matter could be rectified, which was EXQUISITELY horny, her smiling and probably aroused as she spoke). I adored these visits and am certain that she did too, going by her all too brief, gentle caressing of my burning, spanked bottom as she sternly intoned her hope that my behaviour might improve! I rushed home to pleasure myself and I imagined that she was probably shuddering and gasping to a backdrop of buzzing within minutes of my departure! She never alluded to the SCREAMING sexuality of the situation: it was very much the elephant in the room though, and she must have noticed my erection as I got up afterwards. She obviously confided in a small circle of friends as these women made humorous spanking comments and contrived to pat my bottom if they thought no one was looking, which was slightly sinister and VERY arousing, as they well knew. Single late thirties women rarely miss a trick; they'd ALL have propositioned me if I'd been just a couple of years older.
On just one occasion, I arrived for a spanking to discover her in the company of one of these woman friends whom I was told was going to observe proceedings. After the spanking the woman friend, also about forty, expressed enormous delight at the sight of my red bottom and even came and felt it! I nearly came and I bet she came close too! She smiled broadly and said hello every time she saw me thereafter. No more teasing from her! I rather think she'd have liked to spank me too and had she made an overture with this or any other outcome in mind, she'd have found me VERY eager to offer whatever she wanted, as often as she wanted it! All came to an end when I was 21, just over 41 years ago, leaving me yearning for this experience again for years. Girlfriends have never been interested in spanking; most put up barriers at the first mention. One or two women have approached me with spanking in mind as my first name usually shortens to Dom, which occasionally causes a face to light up and rarely prompts a furtive, jokey inquiry, always with myself light heartedly indicating availability to the enquirer, which usually produces at least a brew and a snog, and just occasionally an interested lady bending over! Rarely the women that I think might like a bit (tends to be staid, respectable women somewhat oddly, usually because they have been spanked by mummy, auntie or lecherous uncle and have tried to petition for repeats of such an experience for a very long time, though often the original disciplinarian has passed away).

Coming for a short coffee date at a café commits you to ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. And at such a meeting there won't be any hideous conversation, just an airy get-to-know chat, after which you will be free to send a text to decline to proceed, at which ALL your details will be erased. Or a first meeting might lead to a second talking meeting, and a slow journey might start if YOU wish. Important that I say that activity undertaken by us will be confidential, meaning you can confide in others, but I won't.

In earnest hope: gentle, erotic fun, NOT grim domination. If you aren't interested in spanking, feel free to come and tell me what does interest you, and how I might be able to help you... If, by way of example, you would like to be safely 'attended to' occasionally without the inconvenience of a spanking, or, indeed, a full time partner, I'd be VERY DELIGHTED to hear from you! You don't need to be size 6 and clad in leather. Relatively ordinary women turn me on (on a couple of lovely occasions I have very lightly kissed quite ordinary women to find that they have VERY rapidly escalated the situation and are URGENTLY requesting the pleasure of my company that evening, which is amazing and HUGE fun!)... Thirties or older divorcees or singletons... Women who may think that they are unattractive... FUN, when an 'ordinary' lass indicates what she WANTS, as occasionally happens, doesn't it? 😜

Do make contact! I may be a friend with whom you just want to chat, or possibly a friend with whom you wish to get physical occasionally in safety, in a variety of ways. I am fully COVID vaccinated and boosted. I am friendly, discreet and safe. In conclusion I stress that I intend a situation of great fun and safe excitement for BOTH participants. If you want to explore the subject of erotic spanking a little, I suggest that you take a look at spankingtubedotcom: completely free and useful. My id is Dombaby. You may simply want to try out coming and bending over for a gentle bottom caress as written up above... or perhaps trying out the feeling of wearing a collar and leash, possibly fully clothed or maybe in lingerie or even nude (such an experience does NOT have to come bundled with a spanking!) In which case, please make contact! If you are an aunt or friend of someone who may want such an experience, by all means contact.

I look forward to the possibility of a cup of coffee with you sometime soon; a time commitment of one hour, any time from 9 to 3, any day, probably in Poole but Bournemouth or Christchurch are also dead easy, and maybe Ringwood too... possibly even Salisbury. Try and give me 2 days' notice, and after said coffee you can text and decline, if that is your wish, without any problems (you will NOT be pestered if you do this). Your number and any emails will be DELETED. I am committed to safety and decency, and giving you a HUGELY PLEASANT experience, be it a cup of coffee, gently kissing, maybe safely penetrating you OR caressing your bare bottom (or whatever else you may desire). Safe activity always. Quality fun always!

Strange thing to be VERY turned on by, but there we go! Being found VERY turned on, I can be quite useful, in a convenient and very safe manner.
Real friendship is on offer. My genuine aim is to provide an enjoyable, SAFE activity.

Coffee? Go on! Safe, fun and no obligation at all.

@DominicMcCabe13 on twitter
07398 945696 text first!
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