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Gentle erotic discipline, madam?

7th December 2023 - 7:29 | Dorset, Poole

I stress gentle, but you'll go home smiling, with a red, pleasantly throbbing bottom: nothing quite like it - walking through a supermarket, VERY aware of your glowing bottom. You'll feel naughty: VERY naughty! Which you may rather enjoy...

Hello, I'm Dominic, a mature guy in Poole. 30 years ago I tried to interest a girlfriend in receiving a gentle erotic spanking. She declined, complaining to her girlfriends, most of whom teased me mercilessly. A year later, I bumped into one of the girlfriends and after a chat she asked if she could come and see me the next day. A little surprised, I agreed. She was three years my senior; respectable, prim and VERY proper. Having said that, she was also quite a beauty. She turned up the next day, clutching a small parcel and looking rather furtive. After a cup of tea she explained that she needed help quitting smoking and thought that I could provide the required help, and handed me the parcel, smiling. I nervously opened it to find a BEAUTIFUL oak hairbrush type spanking paddle in a black velvet bag. She smiled, moved forward and french kissed me and said breathlessly "five strokes for every cigarette from now on my bare bottom" and stroking and freeing my by then VERY ERECT penis indicated curtly that she was to be rewarded in a specific, lengthy and vigorous manner for good conduct (she was acting sub, but ABSOLUTELY in control of the situation). Five minutes later, my erect penis was glistening with her saliva and lipstick marked, which was completely unexpected and exquisite (superlative to watch a woman that I'd considered unattainable and not interested kissing and sucking my erect penis! Tremendous to land someone who seemed above it all.) I gently fondled her wonderful bottom while she was fellating me... Ten minutes later, I was penetrating her for the first time, with her smiling and saying "crikey! You don't hang about!"... And I don't, IF that's what is required of me and the circumstances are SAFE. To cut a long story short, the lady in question was able, in spite of the occasional relapse, to give up smoking! Over the next few months, her story emerged, involving a creepy uncle when she was about 15 who conveniently believed in bare bottom discipline and she discovered despite initial fear that she VERY enjoyed this and went out of her way to be sternly told to visit his house, engineering a situation in which a visit was necessary once a month, and continuing this until her late twenties, when the uncle died, leaving her looking desperately for a replacement 'uncle'. Her boyfriends hadn't been interested, then she heard about me and set about trying to approach me when I broke up with my then girlfriend, having visited a boutique in London to acquire the paddle that she gave me and with which I reddened her bare bottom occasionally, much to her delight! Another couple of women have approached me, having been spanked by parents and on one occasion a retired teacher.

If, reading this, you definitely DON'T want a spanking, but do rather fancy a long, gentle, SAFE sexual adventure every now and then, you are MOST welcome to make contact! Please don't be shy (granted, VERY careful under the circumstances. Contacting me is obviously obligation free - after an initial cafe meeting you will be given space and time to call a halt if you don't wish to proceed) - I'm approachable, civilised, courteous and very discreet. I am also clean and SAFE. You WILL want to return for more safe, EXCITING entertainment! Activity undertaken will obviously be dictated by YOU: nothing unwanted will happen and if you WANT something to happen, it will, subject to mutual safety. If you choose to disengage at any time, your decision will not be questioned. My aim is to treat you safely and with respect and to give you a lovely, safe time such that you come back again and again! ALL activity, no exceptions, SAFE. If you wish to see me completely nude prior to making a decision, that is, of course, possible; just indicate that you wish this to arrange.

YES, you are rightly VERY cautious; yet probably also moderately turned ON... If you haven't done this before, it is, of course, unnerving in an exciting manner at the outset: I will treat you patiently and safely, putting in the right preparations such that you enjoy the journey towards the activity, whether or not you end up receiving a spanking. To be clear, I am NOT a pushy, demanding, as it were superior chap; more friendly; an equal, tailoring activity to what YOU enjoy. A good aim is genuine friendship with the option to get safely and intensely physical if you wish that.

One of the MANY delights of a bare bottom spanking is the walk home afterwards (as I found out aged about 16 at the hands of a very pissed off local spinster aged about 40 using a school ruler (lovely simple implement, widely available, allowing a delightful albeit slightly sinister shopping trip for spanker and prospective spankee; doesn't entail visiting a 'specialist' shop, quite normal and totally discreet, but VERY erotic, with nobody any the wiser) who gave me the choice of telling my parents about my poor behaviour or reporting to her house on a Saturday afternoon for ten strokes on my bare bottom. Despite being very concerned and, frankly, petrified, also aroused and inquisitive, I chose the spanking). I left her house grinning, with a GLORIOUSLY smarting bottom: the ruler strokes weren't that hard as she explicitly didn't want to leave marks, but hard enough to BURN in an INTENSE not to say HUGELY erotic manner, and having my pants taken down by this furtive, plain spinster was ULTRA horny: my guess is that she set out to cause erotic enjoyment and arousal such that the sessions would continue for as long as possible; by the third session she was well aware that I was loving every second of it. I left very, VERY aroused, thinking CRIKEY! Did that REALLY happen? I MUST engineer another visit! Which I did, monthly. If I didn't contrive a situation which made a visit necessary quickly enough, she seemed to concoct a misdemeanor, forcing my hand; even on one occasion simply opining that thirty days was too long a period to go without being spanked and asking me to attend so the matter could be rectified. I absolutely adored these visits and am certain that she did too, going by her all too brief, gentle caressing of my burning, spanked bottom as she sternly intoned her hope that my behaviour might improve (my behaviour was never very bad)! I rushed home to pleasure myself (all of 5 strokes to an ENORMOUS, HOT ejaculation!) and I imagined that she was probably shuddering and gasping to a backdrop of buzzing within minutes of my departure! She never alluded to the SCREAMING sexuality of the situation: it was very much the elephant in the room though, and she would certainly have noticed my substantial erection as I got up afterwards (never so much as an 'accidental' brush though, frustratingly: never got so much as a wank). She obviously confided in a small circle of friends as these women made humorous spanking comments and contrived to pat my bottom if they thought no one was looking, which was slightly sinister and ENORMOUSLY arousing, as they very well knew. If I'd been 2 years older, that group of women would have contrived and succeeded in bedding me, but, aged 16, I had to go without for another 6 years, being then impossibly shy.

Coming for a short coffee date at a café commits you to ABSOLUTELY NOTHING (as you know). And at such a meeting there won't be any smutty conversation or inappropriate behaviour; just a normal, airy chat, after which you will be free to send a text to decline to proceed, at which ALL your details will be erased.
I have been to ten or so initial coffee meetings and am well aware always that the person that I am meeting does NOT want attention drawn to them and I behave accordingly. A first meeting might lead to a second talking meeting, and a slow, safe journey might start if YOU wish; one that does not have to involve spanking and one that can be STOPPED by you at any time. Important that I say that activity undertaken by us will be confidential, meaning you can confide in others if you so wish, but I NEVER will.

If you aren't interested in spanking, come and tell me what does interest you, and how I might be able to help you... If, by way of example, you would like to be safely 'attended to' occasionally without the inconvenience of a spanking, or, indeed, a full time partner, I'd be VERY DELIGHTED to hear from you! I'm attracted to normality - the sort of women seen going about their business in every supermarket... Women who don't outwardly advertise kink and interest, but these exist nonetheless.

Do make contact! I may be a friend with whom you just want to chat, or possibly a friend with whom you wish to get pleasantly physical occasionally in safety, in a variety of ways. I am fully COVID vaccinated and boosted. I am friendly, discreet and safe. In conclusion I stress that I intend a situation of great fun and safe excitement for BOTH participants. You may simply want to try out coming and bending over for a gentle bottom caress as written up above (possibly being kissed better after a spanking given by someone else: OR perhaps trying out the feeling of wearing a collar and leash (having a chap gently fit you with a leather collar (YES, REALLY!) before clipping on a leash (the leash might wait until session 2; things happen at your pace) and then pretty much continue with conversation... finding out how that strange situation feels, just for about ten minutes...), possibly fully clothed or maybe in lingerie (such an experience does NOT have to come bundled with a spanking!) In which case, please make contact!

I do not possess, and will NEVER use a cane. With regard to paddles and slippers, your choice, your limits.

Write me an email! You can walk away after a clean chat over coffee and never see or hear from me again. Nothing is going to happen quickly in an unplanned way: if YOU want something to happen, it will. In safety. VERY Enjoyably. Other activities possible e.g. the occasional outing: normal friendship! Perhaps you'll apprehensively come with me to buy a ruler quite soon! Slightly strange, slightly dark, but you'll ENJOY it, with not the slightest obligation. The standard response from a smiling prospective spankee coming out of WH Smiths (or a wooden spoon retailer) is "I can't believe that I just did that!". Once a ruler is bought, it is NOT immediately used; planning and ground rules are discussed so that no one gets a nasty surprise: a journey is travelled towards the activity, and ONLY when you decide that the time is right, the activity gently commences, probably using my hand gently in the first instance, probably to massage, rather than spank, initially over clothes, then underclothes, and finally, IF you like, unclothed. A fun, SENSUAL, VERY HORNY activity, ABSOLUTELY NOT a frightening experience at the hands of an ogre.

Get in touch in safety if any of this at all interests you! My aim is safe fun for BOTH participants; to give you an experience that you will LOVE!


I've talked about shopping for a ruler: I've just got back from ASDA with a lovely, chunky bamboo spatula for the princely sum of 50p: erotic implement shopping can happen all over the place, and doesn't necessarily cost an arm and leg. Might cost a very slightly sore and red bottom, though! Possibly more than once... Do meet me for a tiny chat over coffee if local to Poole... all welcome, from nervous twenties to furtive forties... All women harbouring a secret KINK, and wanting to do something modest and SAFE to act it out just a tiny bit... always within prearranged limits, always fun for both participants. Possibly a LOVELY f**k afterwards, to take your mind off your slightly sore bottom! 😆

Send me an email in safety... Should you ever decide to break off, you'll be allowed to do so without being constantly bothered by me.

There is NEVER obligation: you will be able to say 'not likely!' at ANY point. There is NO intention at all to hurt or demean: If I treat you well, you will return for more of your chosen activity, be that a chat and snog, a short spanking or a long, long f**k!
(or everything!) 💋
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