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A VERY gentle bottom warming, Madam?

22nd May 2024 - 15:50 | Dorset, Poole

Hello, I'm Dominic, a 63 year old guy in Poole (older, but capable, clean, SAFE and young looking). I walk with crutches; I'm single, courteous, friendly and just a TINY bit dom (ABSOLUTELY NOT a violent monster and not inexperienced: dom with a small d)... I seek a female with whom a little friendship and very safe, light dom sub play might be possible...

What I have in mind is erotic and VERY exciting; something that you WILL want to repeat. Maybe you are an experienced subbie: maybe you have been curious for years, but never got anywhere near experiencing and would like, SAFELY, to dip a toe - meet a safe chap and talk about what REALLY turns you ON, possibly getting just a little physical in a variety of ways every now and then. So probably quite a normal lass, rather than a leather clad kinkster: I prefer, indeed enjoy normality; respectable housewife types who harbour interests that are out of the ordinary and wish to take a closer look, with a view to a horny experience or three!

If you haven't done this before, it is, of course, unnerving at the outset: I will treat you patiently and safely, putting in the right preparations such that you enjoy the journey towards the activity (lots of talking prior to planning anything) whether or not you end up receiving an erotic spanking. I am NOT a difficult, demanding chap; I'm friendly, tailoring activity to what YOU want and enjoy. If I give you a lovely time, you'll come back for more, and more! Stating the obvious, if I don't you won't. YOU are ALWAYS in control. One simple and erotic start that could happen if YOU like in the first few minutes is you briefly bending over my dining table and having your clothed bottom gently caressed by my hand for the first five or so minutes of conversation (so, a VERY gentle VERY erotic massage of sorts). Very much to see how that situation feels, almost immediately after arriving at my house for the first time! Exciting, lovely and deeply horny or bloody horrible are two possible reactions. Subsequent sessions could involve dress going up and knickers coming down, if you want... Initially no actual spanking; a very gentle and erotic lead up to that, with signposted opportunities to stop. A process which indicates to you whether or not you find the reality of gentle bare bottom spanking as erotic as the thought thereof. Gives you a quality chance to say Nah! Not for me! There will ALWAYS be such chances. There will also be ample opportunity for things to become sexual if you want that...

If you find the above introduction hideous, you will, of course, be able to stop what's happening; the activity is designed as a gentle eye opener, and if you don't like what you see, it stops. If you want to see a simple, non pornographic depiction of a spanking, on YouTube search for 'Spanking from her dad' and that seven and a half minute clip is rather nice... 'Father spanking daughter for misbehaving' is also exquisite... There's a small variety of non pornographic spanking clips which you can see which are interesting and most certainly gently erotic... None of these clips involve hard, painful punishment, as will not a session with me. The two search terms to use are 'spanking' and 'erotic spanking'. Another REALLY erotic spanking on YouTube 'Maggie Gyllenhaal spanking' will bring it up: SUPERB scene, beautifully acted. Not porn, but a scene from a mainstream movie. American dad - That can't be how hard you spank him - about a minute of cartoon: well made and extremely worth looking at (left me VERY erect!)

One of the MANY delights of a bare bottom spanking is the walk home afterwards (as I found out aged 16 in 1977 at the hands of a pissed off local spinster aged about 40 using a school ruler, who gave me the choice of telling my parents about my poor behaviour (nothing erotic about their harsh approach to discipline) or reporting to her house on a Saturday afternoon for ten strokes of the ruler on my bare bottom (I recall the barely concealed excitement of the lady offering this choice clearly; the expression on her face caused me to become instantly erect - she REALLY wanted this to happen and was obviously VERY aroused talking about it happening;) Nervous as I was, I wasn't at all going to disappoint her, or pass up the opportunity to experience something quite extraordinary that seemed as if it just might culminate in sex (it didn't). So saying, still TERRIFYING attending my first appointment, knowing what was going to happen. I needn't have been terrified though; she was very calm and gentle, positively friendly and oddly sympathetic to my predicament. I'm sure that she saw herself as an ambassador for her kink; she wanted to convert me, and succeeded. She carefully, rather furtively explained what was going to happen, ruler in hand, and indicated that as it was my first spanking it would be gentle (my hunch was that it was the first time that she'd ever given a spanking, though she had probably received many spankings from a father, mother, creepy relative or boss; possibly was still receiving them), then had me stand against her dining table and drop my trousers, prior to bending over the table, having placed a cushion in front of me, and putting my hands over the opposite edge. Immediately I felt embarrassment as my pants slid down and was then aware of the ruler resting across my bare bottom which was both exquisite and terrifying, causing me to become erect! The lady expressed an Oooooooh! Of delight which was amazingly horny and the first stroke landed. Not too bad, I thought; bearably stingy, by which time another two had made contact and I wriggled a little and was told surprisingly firmly but somewhat sexily to stay still. A minute later, all ten stinging strokes had been delivered and I felt her soft hand caressing my burning bottom which was REALLY LOVELY and left me not far from cumming. She caressed for about 5 minutes then told me to get up and dressed. The whole experience was wonderful and ENORMOUSLY erotic. She walked me to the door complimenting me on having bravely taken ten strokes without complaining. I received a second warning that wriggling would not be tolerated and would result in extra strokes and she described my bottom as attractive slightly reddened, which was very, VERY HORNY. Smiling and flushed, clearly VERY aroused, she said "Until next time" and patted my bottom as I left, sheepishly grinning, thanking her and assenting to her comment, making certain that the door was open for a next time, with a GLORIOUSLY smarting bottom (has to be experienced to be believed!) and large, very obvious erection (she was aware that I was aroused, and pleased by this; she positioned herself as I got up so that she could see my erection, which I made no attempt to conceal in the vain hope that she might wish to move closer to investigate): the ruler strokes weren't that hard as she explicitly didn't want to leave marks - I seem to remember her actually using the term 'our little secret' - but hard enough to BURN in an INTENSE not to say HUGELY erotic manner, and having my pants taken down by this furtive, plain spinster was SO lovely. I left very, VERY aroused, determined to engineer another visit, which I did, monthly. If I didn't contrive a situation which made a visit necessary quickly enough, she seemed to concoct a misdemeanor, forcing my hand; even on one occasion simply opining that thirty days was too long a period to go without being spanked and asking me to attend so the matter could be rectified (VERY erotic!). A normal spanking was ten strokes, possibly with an extra one for luck, occasionally rising to fifteen or even twenty if I'd been very naughty (which happened by design, of course). Twenty firm ones almost had me squealing by the last three (she REALLY enjoyed to hear an occasional squeal) and left me with a sore bottom for a couple of days, which I enjoyed. I absolutely adored these visits and am certain that she did too, going by her all too brief, gentle caressing of my burning, spanked bottom as she sternly intoned her hope that my behaviour might improve. I rushed home to pleasure myself (all of 5 strokes to at least three ENORMOUS, POWERFUL SPURTS of cum! How she would have loved to see that!) and I imagined that she was probably shuddering and gasping to a backdrop of buzzing within minutes of my departure! She never alluded to the SCREAMING sexuality of the situation: Had I been less shy, I'd have thanked her and kissed her which would, looking back, have resulted in LOTS of steamy sex! I dreamt of her fondling my erection; maybe she dreamt of doing that too, but it never happened. We were both much too shy to make a move, more's the pity. At that age I was awkward around women (I was at a boys only secondary school) and things didn't improve until my thirties. These spankings sadly came to an end when I was 18, after more than forty spankings (about three and a half hours caressing my bare bottom), leaving me in a void which I attempted to fill spanking a couple of girlfriends, who both hated it. Both agreed because of the promise of sex only if they did. Vigourously pleasuring a demure lady complaining of a sore bottom (tenderly kissing such a woman on the lips while gently penetrating and thrusting is ENORMOUSLY EROTIC!) who is asking incredulously 'How ON EARTH did you get into THAT? No other boyfriend has done that: whereas I'd VERY much like one that didn't, you fuck VERY well!' as I am gently working her to a massive climax... Both lasses returned furtively for more, declaring themselves to have been naughty, in spite of protestations of dislike (they LOVED the lengthy aftercare! The aftercare is available without having to commit to a spanking, if you haven't been receiving any, er, aftercare, for a while, please do feel free to contact me with a view to being discreetly, safely penetrated at a time of your choice, from 6am to 7midnight). Mmmmmmmmm! I have no problem at all becoming VERY ERECT! (Seven and a half, uncircumcised, described by former lover as chunky) and I can last longer than most and always use condoms. If you'd like to view, maybe even briefly fondle the appendage in question, that can happen: simply ask... I will be delighted to oblige.

You might be interested in trying out the feeling of wearing a collar and leash; having me gently fit you with a leather collar before clipping on a leash (the leash might wait until session 2; things happen at your pace) and then continue with conversation... finding out how that very odd situation feels, just for about ten minutes in first instance, quite quick... Wearing a collar: just fun - NOT intended to be me asserting or owning. Trying something new and VERY different to see how it feels... Wearing a collar is an activity that can also be undertaken with both of us in underwear, should you feel inclined! But starting fully clothed, merely having coffee and a chat, collared; gently verbally exploring possibilities.
Please DO come along and see what being collared feels like in safety, with absolutely no obligation...
Maybe even being had while wearing said collar and leash, which is CERTAINLY interesting! I recall one nervous damsel commenting upon the etrangesse of that situation, yet absolutely loving it.

I bought one ruler the other day: I was going to upload a picture, but all of you know EXACTLY what a wooden school ruler LOOKS like (but few if any of you know what it FEELS like, on your bare bottoms!). Do please cum and gently find out! Perhaps starting out by just laying the ruler across your bare bottom to see how that feels.... (wonderful!). NO spanking, just a bare bottom with a ruler lying across it, coupled with a hand caress and even a kiss on both cheeks! Over in ten minutes. No commitment: could be a starting point, could be an endpoint. Going to be INTERESTING: I imagine a VERY respectable 40 year old woman reading this and starting to tremble with both excitement and apprehension! Be BRAVE and contact me for such a tester, madam! Text me! First meeting for a coffee in town, then 48 hours later (such that you have time to cancel if you really need to)... Might be embarrassing and horrible, MIGHT be BLOODY LOVELY! Will ALWAYS be confidential: you might walk away never wanting to see me again or you might want to return every so often... IF you find it hideous, things will be wrapped up and it will never be talked about: nothing ventured, nothing gained - email me! It'll be INTERESTING: an education if nothing else... 90% chance that you'll LOVE IT! (based on women who've experienced it so far: furtive ladies who indicate jokingly that they are a little interested, and I say REALLY? Picking up a ruler. Ten minutes later it's happened and I'm usually in the presence of a grinning, surprised lady who wants to know when she can pop round again for a stimulating chat and, perchance, more!

The perfect respondent from my point of view is a respectable, furtive woman (delightful! Women determined to be civilised and decent, yet also very keen for something RED HOT to happen!), 22-42, who has NEVER done anything of the kind before, but ALWAYS fantasised and who comes along, determined to try the activity. Someone who may be recently single and looking for a bit of a change, maybe a bit of frivolity... Has such a woman ever made contact? Yes, 2 or 3 (at least two have got to know me because my name is Dominic and shortens to Dom!) All came round for initial chats to explain exactly what they wanted, all came to a first session and were gently bare bottom spanked, and ALL returned at least once for more bare bottom spanking and other safe entertainment. Have women come along who have decided against? Yes, of course; all have been able to walk away with no problems; when all is said and done, it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea! I can, however, provide alternative, safe entertainment! You may be single, divorced: at the very youngest 22, up to 48ish... You are within 30 miles of Poole and able to travel.

Send me an email (making contact does not commit you in any way at all)...
rosyderriere@gmail.com. If you've read this far, I'd VERY much like to meet you for coffee and clean, polite chat for just thirty minutes in the centre of Poole or within ten miles thereof, any day, any time between ten and three... Such a coffee meeting might be the start of a FUN friendship and adventure! Equally, if you find such a meeting ghastly, you can just walk away with no problem at all. There's always the option of walking away and declining to proceed by text, so disengaging is VERY easy and stress free.

I have put in my Gmail address above rosyderriere@gmail.com as my Hotmail is non functional at present. Be brave: get in touch! You won't regret it and might just make an interesting friend! One that you'll VALUE AND ENJOY! Possibly REGULARLY, should you desire... A spanking doesn't HAVE to happen: you may require another physical service... Hopefully you'll ALWAYS want MORE than a cup of coffee, but if that's all you want you'll still be welcome.

I look forward to meeting you and having an initial, clean and polite chat...



Surprisingly perhaps, I have always been against corporal punishment: This kink is NOT about punishing people, but drawing out the erotic associated with that sort of situation...
Were I to become aware of a case of non consensual physical punishment, I would involve the police.

Please get in touch if at all curious: You MIGHT have a LOT of fun and make a good friend! If you have spotted me in Poole and would like to say hello, please do. I won't automatically assume that you've seen this ad. If you'd prefer to text or email, again, please do. I am approachable, discreet and SAFE. If you aren't interested in my kink but REALLY WANT something else, get in touch: I can probably help...
I am completely discreet. Every so often someone responds seeking a fee: what I offer is strictly no fees either way. FUN, however, for BOTH participants. Possibly regularly.

Come and tell me what you want: If you tell me EXACTLY what you want, you MIGHT GET IT!

I have 4 or 5 fun paddles etc but I do NOT have or will ever use a cane. That's going too far from a comfort perspective and a safety perspective.

In summary: SAFE, gentle, VERY erotic ENORMOUS FUN for BOTH participants. Hopefully regularly. Drop me a line to discuss further! Perhaps you have put together 'for a fancy dress party' a 'schoolgirl' costume... If you'd like to share such a picture please do... 😁 (okay, wear dark glasses: such a picture will NEVER be shared or uploaded)... Perhaps you have one or two pictures of yourself being disciplined by someone else that you'd like to share.... Or any other composition that you have enjoyed posing for! Imaginative pictures VERY gratefully received... Respectable women showing off a little and having a great deal of FUN!
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