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A HOT bottom, madam?

4th December 2022 - 22:02 | Dorset, Poole

Hi, I'm Dominic, 61, Poole, Dorset. 30 years ago I tried to interest a girlfriend in receiving a gentle bare bottom spanking, with disappointing results. She was VERY angered and complained to all of her female friends, most of whom ribbed me mercilessly for months, which wasn't fun at all. About a year later, I bumped into one of the girlfriends in a pub and after the briefest of chats she asked if she could come and see me the next day. Slightly surprised, I agreed. She was about three years my senior; a staid, respectable housewife type. She turned up the next day clutching a small parcel and looking rather furtive. After a cup of tea she explained that she needed help quitting smoking and thought that I could provide the required help, and with this she handed me the parcel, smiling. I nervously opened it to find a BEAUTIFUL oak hairbrush type spanking paddle in a black velvet bag. She smiled, moved forward and kissed me and said breathlessly "five strokes for every cigarette from now on the bare bottom" and stroking and freeing my by then VERY ERECT penis indicated that she was to be rewarded in a very specific and vigourous manner for good conduct. Five minutes later my rock hard cock was glistening with her saliva and marked by her scarlet lipstick, which was VERY LOVELY! Suffice it to say that we had a WONDERFUL two years entailing no small amount of VERY energetic sex (these prim housewife types! lol 😄) and, at least bi weekly, a nice RED bottom and, some years later, she still doesn't smoke (it's genuinely nice to find a mutually FUN way of achieving something VERY difficult! It's also nice to see from a distance a smart, statuesque woman with the ghost of a smile upon her lips!).
Anyone within 50 miles of Poole want help with smoking or housework or spending or drinking or swearing or flirting or other behaviours that are causing you difficulties? DIETING AND WEIGHT LOSS has just occurred to me as a terrific practical application: gentle, stinging encouragement... Someone with whom to discuss the difficulty; then perhaps gently being bent over and feeling your underwear slide down... OR being rewarded vigorously! 😜
Just maybe you have an 'aunt' or even a 'boss' who thinks out loud regularly that you'd benefit from a bare bottom spanking (yet irritatingly does nothing about this); Are you impudent enough to suggest that it (gently) happens?
You MIGHT even get driven here by them, which would be SO dark, yet very, VERY EROTIC! Perhaps you might acquiesce to their suggestions of a spanking on condition that you also get lots of SAFE SEX....!

Any age from 21 may contact (DELIGHTED to hear from the staid and homely and those with a fuller figure. Come on, drop me a line!.. 😉). If you have a sub that you want seen, please get in touch!
Please email or text in the first instance 07398 945696... Just perhaps you want to come with a friend...
ABSOLUTELY NOT about serious pain (warm with a bit of a sting though 😃) nor AT ALL about shouty control. You are NOT going to get shouted at! VERY gentle start, not getting much harder... YOU stay in control ALL of the time; for example, being offered the choice with regard to which implement from my collection is used on you! 😋 The first couple of months you'd be 'in training': Learning how to be spanked, while taking mild spankings fortnightly... Learning that enjoyment is part, indeed most of what happens. 😄

Erotic, USEFUL fun with limits respected. And OF COURSE I still possess that LOVELY paddle (I have a small collection)! Just MAYBE you'll both kiss it AND feel ITS kiss! Then get your bottom kissed better by myself (if you've been spanked by someone else, you might consider visiting me to be kissed better: you might find that VERY pleasant and EXTREMELY erotic! My guess is that there are over 100 women who get a spanking each week in Poole: come and be tenderly kissed afterwards!)
In summary, gentle, safe and fun for BOTH participants: Very, VERY exciting (as you may discover)!
Five gentle strokes per cig was her choice: You will be at liberty to choose fewer! (e.g. 5 cigs per stroke) 😁
If you absolutely DON'T want a spanking, you may still contact if you wish to outline what you DO want. 😉 IF you aren't sure, perhaps you might come for a chat and perhaps I'll bend you over and gently take your knickers down and slowly run my hand over your bare bottom to give you an idea how it might be; and all within fifteen minutes of meeting you!
I'm only an email away! I am SAFE, respectful and civilised.
Maybe just come for a chat...
I'm NOT a monster out to hurt or demean people: My aim is MUTUAL PLEASURE; you'll WANT to come back! I promise!
YES you are bashful; yet probably EXTREMELY turned ON reading this (time for a certain Mr BUZZ or even Mr RABBIT to pay a visit!)... This activity is all about TWO people being VERY turned on, in a slightly out of the ordinary manner: Come and introduce yourself and we'll have coffee and a chat with absolutely NO obligation... You COULD try coffee and chat while wearing a collar and lead (in private)! Safe and INTERESTING: YOU stay in control, but you are ACUTELY aware of the will of another, transmitted through leather and steel!
(that sounds like you'll get pulled about: that will NOT happen)

Dominic 👄

EROTIC, GENTLE FUN, NOT FEAR OR PAIN! There will ALWAYS be a pre agreed (safe) word to STOP what is happening.

I popped into Smiths on Saturday and bought a wooden school ruler. A LOVELY experience, knowing what I was buying it for! Try going into a stationery shop and perusing wooden rulers: It'll be a sinister and surreal but NOT unpleasant experience! 😉 And despite the fact that you haven't been anywhere near any racy goods, you'll come out tingling, heart thumping! Perhaps you'll email me and tell me how you feel: Perhaps anger, perhaps enthusiasm, perhaps fear or sullen fatalism - ALL with the ENORMOUS underlying thrill of ABSOLUTE EROTICISM!!
Make contact! You'll have a LOT of fun, possibly regularly! You'll ENJOY what happens! xxxx
You'll be able to disengage at any time.
What happens between us will always be private. YOU will always be in charge: You will ALWAYS be SAFE. Lots of talking meetings before starting, with opportunities to stop built in. Why not come and have a safe chat? LIGHT fun: my aim is that you enjoy, even if you are just curious... 🌹

Just back from Poole this afternoon, second of October, with a LOVELY bamboo paddle hairbrush! (fiver in wilko's; very light, unvarnished finish - check it out when you go shopping!)

Sainsbury's currently have some VERY nice Salter wooden spoons marked down to about £3.30. VERY high quality! Hey, getting a, er, cheap thrill while out and about!

This is about erotic fun for BOTH participants: NOT pain, fear or control. Quality friendship in a nutshell, with a tiny little SAFE kink!😜
Come on all you embarrassed, furtive, NAUGHTY ladies! 😚
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